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#6311547 - 03/20/12 03:59 AM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: stantdm]
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I have always used a .22 of some sort, generally in low-velocity Short format, and shot them in the head. Over the course of more than a quarter-century trapping, I dispatched many critters that way. The only exception would be the rare skunk that would get caught, and I'd place a high-vel HP slightly high through the shoulders. Such a shot would keep the skunk from spraying, and damage to the lungs would have it out cold in a matter of seconds.

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#6312486 - 03/20/12 02:52 PM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: waterrat]
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Originally Posted By: waterrat
Wolverine and wolves I shot them in the lungs with a 22lr.
Fox,coyote,and marten I give a tap on the head a step on their heart lung area.
Lynx we use a pole with a snare and choke them down,usually less than a minute for that.

+1, when I trapped in Alaska this is exactly the way I dispatched them. However all the Marten were already dead when I showed up.
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#6495832 - 05/12/12 08:14 AM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: aktoklat]
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For fox, I would cut the catch circle in half by stepping into the circle and the fox would try to go directly away from you and sooner or later he would put the trap between his legs trying to power out. At that point, I would grab it by the tail and pick it up off the ground and grab it by the throat. Then I would pin it to the ground with my knee and while holding onto it's throat, I would grab it by the nose and bend it back over the neck and put alot of force on it till it broke.
Yotes... I would bonk them on the nose with my trappers shovel, stuning them and then I would roll them over on their back... stretch there nose out streight and with the edge of the shovel, I would hit them as hard as I could in the middle of the throat 2 or 3 times. When their legs stuck streight up when you hit them, you knew they were done for.
Did coons the same way but I hit them on top of the head. VERRRY rarely did I ever have a gun in the truck except to shoot skunks. Everything else died by the trapping shovel.

#6507980 - 05/16/12 03:38 AM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: ackley33806]
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22 short.

#6510151 - 05/16/12 09:52 PM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: Alann]
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bonk em on the nose to stun them, then step behind the shoulder and on the nose to hold their head down. a .22 works too
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#6513453 - 05/17/12 10:46 PM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: Colorado1135]
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nose bonk, and .22 short in the ear canal.

I'd cut 1/2 the bullet tip away, and stuff kleenex in the ear canal to stop the bleeding.
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#6518841 - 05/19/12 07:44 PM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: yukonal]
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I have brain shot hundreds of skunks that were trapped in leg holds. After the shot you have about 8 or 10 seconds to get them out of the trap and throw them a short distance away before they spray. You don't want to fumble around doing it though. There will of course be some residual odor from the spraying on the skunk, but he already had a fair bit of that before he was trapped any ways. Strange but after a lot of exposure to skunk sprays I became aware that one of the predominate components of the smell was similar to acetone or lacquer thinner. It takes more than occasional exposure to isolate that scent though. Skunk odor eventually became non-objectionable to me. But it was always interesting to walk into a grocery store after a day checking traps and watch heads turn and people make way. My leather boots absorbed a lot of skunk smell from working at the set site. I believed a well skunk seasoned pair of boots was a great help in masking human odor when making fox and coyote sets.

#6521252 - 05/20/12 04:47 PM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: stocker]
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I like the head shot. I always find the long rifle .22 somewhere next to the hide when I skin. Now I started saving the bobcat skulls, I need to see about making or buying a dispatch pole.

#6539395 - 05/26/12 07:26 AM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: poboy]
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We were trapping beaver on the local river one spring. We had been doing OK and my buddy had borrowed a Ruger single six for the shooting iron. We were shooting.Remington "THUNDERBOLT" shells out of it. One day we had caught a good sized beaver and my buddy walked up to it, point blanked it right on top of the head and the beav hit the dirt.... DRT !! We thru it in the boat, remade the set and went on down the river. After a bit, my buddy went to screaming and I looked to see what was going on and here sits the beaver in the middle of the boat......alive !! BUDDY was going to shoot it some more right there in the boat and I said NO WAY !! It ain't my boat !! We got it killed again and went on down the line. When we got home and started skinin' the beavs , bullets started dropping on the floor out of every beaver we had. NOT ONE bullet had made it into the brain pan of the beavers. They were all flattened out but would not get thru the skulls of the beavers.
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#6539473 - 05/26/12 11:37 AM Re: What is the best way to dispatch your catch? [Re: Rooster7]
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Georgia trapping laws require you to carry a catch pole and a .22 anytime you are running traps.

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