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#6677740 - 07/12/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: MADMAX]
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I inherited my grandmother's 722 .257. She was mostly a meat hunter, so mostly shot deer, though did take one cow elk with the rifle, using the standard Remington factory load with a 117-grain roundnose at 2650 fps.

It's taken the first big game animal for several people in our family, and in my hands has taken a bunch of pronghorns, whitetails and mule deer, including a big buck muley. Oh, and a pile of chucks out to 500-600 yards.

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#6677759 - 07/12/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: Mule Deer]
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You know, Ingwe would consider it sacriledge to shoot a pile of chucks with anything that doesn't have "AI" after the numbers...
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make it a hole to remember.

#6685024 - 07/15/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: Kentucky_Windage]
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I bought one in 257 Roberts and 257 AI the same day from John Smith at the old Nashville gun show.

Shot both to fireform brass, and work up a "hunting" load.

I loaned it to friends, but in 20 years I never carried it into the woods.

Dang, shoulda shot a deer with it so I had an opinion to grumble over.
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#6686607 - 07/16/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: LouisB]
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I,m really like to shoot my 257R model 70. Also have a
Remington 760 in the safe in 257R. Got 3 boxes of shell
with the model 70 when I bought it one was a box of
100 winchester silver tips, ran the them thru my cronogragh
and got 2944FPS. May still have part of the box. Box
said 1951 same year as the rifle. How do you tell what
year a Remington 760 was made?

#6687350 - 07/16/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: GunTruck50]
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Bought mine in 1987/8, sweet shooting lil A-Bolt ...

Sierra 117gr., Sierra 100gr., Nosler 100gr. all equal bang flop..

#6687373 - 07/16/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: GunTruck50]
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#6690409 - 07/17/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: southtexas]
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Bottom line on the 257Bob as is the same for all 6mm,and all 25 Cal. Use an adequate big game bullet, do your part and it WILL do theirs Phucking Period. Every time, all the time. It's not the cartridge that's inadequate, it's the phucking idiot jerking the trigger.

#6695076 - 07/19/12 Re: Any 257 Roberts fans for whitetail? [Re: wareagle]
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Since I have been shooting my new Ruger #1 in 257 Roberts, ifind myself sincerely wishing it would have been in consideration for my older son while he was in his teens.
Since he is a lefty, the choices were limited.
Instead, I started him with a Savage 110 LH '06, which had more recoil than he could shoot accurately.
He has since become a great rifle shot, but I'm guessing it could have been so much easier.
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