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#698070 - 01/05/06 Remington Scoremaster 511
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I recently aquired a remington Scoremaster 511, which is a .22LR bolt action. It came with a scope on it (which I am not sure is factory or not). What I am trying to find is the serial number on it, but I cannot seem to find anywhere. Anyone know where the serial number is on these? Also, how can I find out the date of Manufacture? Thanks!!!

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#698071 - 01/06/06 Re: Remington Scoremaster 511
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511s were made before the Gun Control Act of 1968 , when serial #s became mandatory.
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#698072 - 01/06/06 Re: Remington Scoremaster 511
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You are required now to go through a process to give it a serial number, so better yet dont bring the subject up any more.

I just ordered a mount from Brownells for my Model 41 Targetmaster. If the mount fits I will buy a target style aperture for it, that way it will be more like the original than it would be if I drilled and tapped it for scope mounting.
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#698073 - 01/11/06 Re: Remington Scoremaster 511
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Just read in a G&A online value Q&A that thhey were made from between 1939 and 1954. I have one. A clip repeater that had a nice semi buckhoorn rear. It was originally drilled for a side mount and then I added too it's miisery by having it drilled and tapped on top.

It's now in it's semi-original iron sight config. I killed a semi load of groundhogs with it and its ooepn sights and remington golden HP's.

Always accurate, I shot it so much it was instinctiive. Niice gun. The bluiing is but a memory and the wood straiight and plain, but it does shoot well.

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The Rem 511, part of the Remington 5-teen series (510, 511, 512, 513, & 521) was mfg'd from 1939-1962 with approx 375,000 made. Was mfg'd in both 511 A & 511 P configuration with the "P" having receiver mounted aperture (peep) sight. None were serial numbered until 1954 & probably not all after that?? I have a 1961 model with no SN. After around 1956 or so, some (but not all) were grooved for tip-off scope mount. In 1962 Remington began mfg of the 511-X model (along with 510-X & 512-X) & continued until 1968 (approx 29,120 511-X's mfg'd. The "X" models were virtually identical to the earlier models except for a different wood finish & improved sights. Date of mfg code is stamped on left side of barrel, right in front of the receiver, just above wood line. It consists of two or sometimes three letters, AC, XUU, BSS, etc, often preceeded or followed by a symbol of some kind, star, anchor, #, etc. The stamped symbols are merely inspector/proof marks & are not related to the date code. Code meaning can be found in a number of places, usually in back of the Blue Book of Gun Values, at or at this STICKY at Rimfire Central. If you go the the old guns site, just scroll down the left side to Manufacture Dates & click on Remington & enter the code. It'll give you the mfg month & year.

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#698075 - 01/14/06 Re: Remington Scoremaster 511
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Around 1955 or so my uncle and grandfather bought 2 -511's at the local hardware store. One of the .22's had the price of $31.50 written on the stock with grease pencil or black crayon. The bolt handles had a nice teardrop shape bolt knob. I ended up with both rifles, I inherited my grandpaps and bought the other from my uncle for $18. I very much regret to this day and will forever regret selling them. Thanks for mentioning the 511, it brought back memories.


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