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#6990051 - 10/21/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Lawdwaz]
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I remember that year, we packed into the eagle caps and it was a cold one, 85 I think.

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#6990109 - 10/21/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: dconrad]
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I bet it was 1985 also. It got cold around the first of November and stayed cold with lots of sub zero weather even in Pendleton and Walla Walla.

#6990676 - 10/21/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: dogzapper]
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Friend Steve,

I day-hunt from my house. Every day I go to the laundry room and pick out some fresh, dry clothes. I swing by the mocha stand for coffee before heading out to slog around in the rain and mud. I used to feel guilty for not having a more hard-core method of chasing elk, but now...I am thankful for it!


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#6990912 - 10/21/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Waders]
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thanks for sharing your hunting stories. I'm hunting the Idaho side of hells canyon this year. Heading up this week with a cow tag.

oregon is just across the canyon

#6992776 - 10/22/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: dogzapper]
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Thanks for the remembrance.

I know some of what you speak. In 1994, I shot a bull moose on December 6th. The weather that morning was -37C. A very light wind took the windchill to -43C. I managed to locate a 58" moose (net B&C 189 6/8). After the shot and the war hoops and the photos, I thought I had better get the hides off pronto or I would have to chisel them off. Darn near froze my hands getting the lower legs skinned. Spent about 35 minutes warming hands over the heater vent (fortunately I could drive the old Toyota right up beside the beast). I don' know which is worse, freezing the hands, or thawing them, both are very painful. Anyways, once into the heavier muscled areas, and during the gutting, never had to stop again. The heat off the animal kept the hands warm. Four hours, the critter is skinned, gutted, cut into 7 pieces a man can handle and in the back of the red Toyota.

Why do we hunt? It really is like brutal work at times!

#6995070 - 10/22/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: AB2506]
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Nice stories, I enjoyed reading them.

We also have Turkey day cow tags this year. Last time it was at a balmy 7 at 7am. I wouldn't want it much worse than that. But I'm setting my gear up a bit differently and assuming its going to be colder. I can always shed layers.

#6996003 - 10/23/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Lawdwaz]
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Thanks for the story and pics!
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#6996834 - 10/23/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Oldman03]
pointer Online   content
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Thanks for the stories and pics. You've definitely lived life. I hope to have 1/2 as many worthy stories to share when I'm you're age. Congrats on life.

#7000847 - 10/24/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: pointer]
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Hey, nobody would buy a book of crap like this. Just the reminiscences of an old broken-down cowboy. Rodeos, turned pack saddles during a dark night pack, rides through deep snow and freezing to death, getting your foot stepped on by a tall mule ... sh!t, such fun.

You dont think anyone would buy it????? I think it would be a hit. I have ALL of Howard Copenhavers books, read and reread, also some little known guy wink by the name of Elmer Keith wrote a book "Hell, I Was There". I dont think ANYONE ever bought his book and read it wink. I have read and reread that book as well. I for one vote that you write your book, fill it with your pictures as well, and you can retire on the proceeds smile.

Hope you write one someday, I bet a lot of the guys would buy it and read it. Your stories are worth telling and saving in print.

#7001148 - 10/24/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: dogzapper]
Dave_in_WV Online   content
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That picture of Karen is one of my favorites. No words needed but are appreciated.
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#7011341 - 10/27/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Dave_in_WV]
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Great story - thanks! That's some dedication to elk hunting, too!

Dow here in CO I don't think I've ever seen it below -20 and then only once or twice.
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#7062331 - 11/10/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Coyote_Hunter]
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Good stuff Steve.Nice pics to go with the stories.

#7062524 - 11/10/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Coyote_Hunter]
saddlesore Online   content
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Great stories. I hunted the Red Deer River country NW of Calgary one year and it was -25 all week.That is the coldest I ever want to hunt.

I can sure appreciate the night riding poetry. We leave camp every morning about two hours before first light.
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#7063388 - 11/11/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: saddlesore]
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Steve, was a great story & poem, some of us have never got to ride at night on the mountain, So a book would be the next best thing! Id buy the 1st one! take care friend, hope Karen is still doing well!
Deer Camp! about as good as it gets!

#7063608 - 11/11/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: Lawdwaz]
kunas Offline
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nice story and pics

#7063761 - 11/11/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: kunas]
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on my very first elk hunt I hunted with a guide named Rudy Rudibaugh( or real close to that). He was an old cowboy and aparently didn't believe in comfort. He took us up to 13000 in the third rifle season in Colorado. During the day it was cold but at night it was brutal, every night it dropped down between -25F and -32F. I slept in my sleeping bag, in my woolrich pants and down jacket with a stocking cap on. I remember waking up and seeing my breath frozen on the side tent where I was sleeping. Rudy gave us a little woodburner that he lit to humor us and that was about it. I can honestly say I've never slept worse in my life than I did that week and have never been so cold. Shot at my first elk on that trip and had a hell of a time. I remember one old bullshytter guide trying to tell me that bull elk droppings had dimples and cow elk dropping didn't and that is how you knew you were tracking a bull, that about a 1000 other lies to try and entertain us. I also remember thinking the camp cook was dumpy brunette chick with potty mouth when I got there and by the end of the week thinking what the hell, if she was willing then,,,,,,.

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#7064380 - 11/11/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: mitchellmountain]
snubbie Offline
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I once hunted grouse in NC with -4 temps. That was tough! (cough, cough, nervous laugh)
Seriously, I cannot even wrap my head around hunting in those conditions. I do know your wife is tougher than me!

By the way, write the book, I'll gladly place my order!

Great story!

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As far as gear goes.. The poorer (or cheaper) you are, the tougher you need to be.

#7071348 - 11/13/12 Re: One COLD Elk Hunt [Re: snubbie]
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I so can relate. I hunted moose in Siberia with my brother in 89-94 and the warmest it got was -20. We had a good time! Not when I hit a tree with the bone of the hind quarter that I was carrying in the pack and the momentum swung me around, I lost balance and fell, meat first, into 7-foot deep snow, with the skis still attached. All I could see is a manhole-size sky blotch and my feet, and all I could hear is my brother dying of laughter. He didn't even rush to my rescue, busy holding on to a sapling so not to fall in himself. I sure told him all I had though about his behavior once I untangled from the backpack and got to my feet, chest deep in the snow.
Why do we hunt? I keep asking myself that question too... Never found the answer, it is inside somewhere, so deep that it can't be extracted without removing one's soul out along with it.

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