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#6923702 - 09/30/12 10:37 PM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: StarchedCover]
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Originally Posted By: StarchedCover
While I don't have the Marlin, my 375 WCF is a Winchester (top eject) "Big Bore"; I purchased it from an old hunter from Maine about eight or nine years ago.

He used it on Moose, Bear and Deer in Maine and Canada; he preferred the factory 250gr load and the rifle was sighted in for that when I got it.

I have used RL7 and IMR 4198 with 200gr Sierra, 220 Hornady and 255gr Barnes "Originals". So far 18 hogs and 3 whitetails have been turned into tablefare.

As a general observation, the 200gr Sierra is softer than the 220gr Hornady, the Hornady has exited on broadside shots and several quartering shots; the results were all terminal, no follow up shots were needed and tracking was easy (Stevie Wonder could have followed the blood trail)to non existant.
I have yet to kill anything but milk jugs with the 255gr Barnes, not too much bullet upset, but 5 milk jugs gave thier life for the cause. I loaded some for a bear hunt (the bear wasn't on the same song sheet that week).

Mine will go to deer camp again this year, it's a great rifle for sneaking around in the tamarac swamps.

Have fun with your Marlin 375.

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#6924067 - 10/01/12 12:34 AM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: fatjack34]
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No, factory front sight and Williams FP w/ a twilight apature.
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#6924198 - 10/01/12 01:12 AM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: fatjack34]
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Originally Posted By: fatjack34
Anyone have/had one? Experience? What works and what doesn't. Hunting experience?
Deer sized game?

I have one like new I've never fired. My Savage likes the 200 grain Winchester ammo, and deer and bear do not.
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#6935384 - 10/04/12 02:34 AM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: Fireball2]
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Funny...375 ammo tuff to find, but I walked into a local shop and they had Win. Factory 38-55 for 39 skins. I took a flier and was glad I did. Usually hard to find as least on the shelf, but when I got home it loaded and cycled perfectly and smooth as a babies ass! I will try to run some through this week but the first test was cycling through the Marlin smoothly....success! will try it until I get some factory stuff Friday!
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#6997069 - 10/23/12 01:54 PM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: fatjack34]
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Got one. It is good medicine for our little southern deer and the occasional pig. No complaints on my end. Perfect still hunting rifle with peep sights. I see factory ammo on the shelves occasionally but it is pricey. Don't know where you're at but I recommend hitting the little mom and pop stores for ammo. Just last month I picked up 80 rounds of 375 and 100 rds of 348 for $80.00 out the door. It had been on the shelf for many, many years in a small, way back in the woods hardware/grocery/auto repair/feed store.

It is pretty much a handloaders deal IMO.

Found a 94 BB on the shelf at one of the local toy stores. It is spendy, but that gun is haunting me....

#7058501 - 11/09/12 03:42 PM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: fatjack34]
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Have you fired that ammo yet? I'm wondering about the chamber length. Your rounds might chamber easily because they are crimped but may not allow room for the crimp to open, although I've read that some chambers have sufficient length. I trim 38-55 cases to .375 Win. length when using them in my rifle.
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#7073481 - 11/14/12 03:26 AM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: doubletap]
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I sure do miss the Winchester 250grn silvertip, it was very accurate in my Marlin. Worked great on Blacktails but as mentioned above that's a given.
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#7074604 - 11/14/12 04:01 PM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: fatjack34]
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I'm new here, great forum. I have two boxes of new winchester super-x 300 win.200gr. power-point cxp-2 that I would like to sell if anyone has a need for it. I read a bit about shipping ammo and should be no problem. Also have 3 bxs winchester supreme 300wsm 180gr. fail safe and 3 bxs hornady custom 300 win. mag 165 gr. sst.I am in Birmingham, AL.Call or text (205)706-8787 email Thanks, Chuck

#7168180 - 12/11/12 03:46 AM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: episode180]
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Try Reed's ammo, I have been shooting the 220grn Hornady they load, very accurate and sells for $33 or so a box. Only a few years back it was $23/bx. I miss those. they also load a 200grn winchester bullet.

The Hornady has worked great for me though. Flattened several pigs and few deer.

By the way, I love the gun. My eyes aren't what they were (Man I hate saying that - at least there is still lead in the pencil), so I have mounted a low power scope. Gun carries great, Hits hard and kicks just a little more stoutly than a 30-30. What is not to like?

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#7189503 - 12/16/12 03:02 PM Re: Marlin model 375 [Re: csam]
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I have one, an 1980 year made marlin 375. I have been shooting cast with it using fire formed 30-30 brass. Brass and ammo both are hard to find for the 375. I've got a few feelers out for brass now. It appears that Winchester only makes one run of brass per year.
I would be leery of going beyond a medium load using 38-55 or fire formed 30-30 brass as both will be thinner brass than original 375 Win brass. The 375 is designed to operate under much higher pressures than the 38-55 and of course the 30-30.
I've only had my 375 a few weeks but I have found it to be very accurate. I have only shot it with open sights and with my old eyes, I can group 1" at 50 yds. Once I scope it, I'll extend my target range. Right now, the front sight is just to fuzzy for me to get past the 50 yd targets.

Once I find some new brass which I will, I'll up my loads. I see some online stores are expecting brass in February.
Since I cast my own bullets and have two molds for this caliber and since I reload, ammo will not be a problem.

I wanted to add to my post. For those of you wanting to use 38-55 ammo, my recommendation is, Don't Do It. The 38-55 bullet is .377" diameter while the 375 is .375" diameter. The 38-55 brass is about .060" longer than 375 brass. This is a problem looking for a place to happen. I read some people do it and get away with it but I wouldn't try it.
Using 38-55 brass is OK as long as it is trimmed to correct length and the loads kept mild. 375 brass is thicker to handle the higher pressures.

Just my .02

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