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#7072576 - 11/13/12 03:16 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: the_shootist]
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#7072690 - 11/13/12 03:54 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: wabigoon]
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Originally Posted By: wabigoon
...My denist shoots a .50 BMG in a single shot rifle...

Sure, but I bet he gets a substantial discount on his denture repair.

Darn it, Steve, you've got me thinking about one, too. And I already have a S&W 625 and 14-3 as well as an STI 1911 and a Webley .455. What I "need"of course is a Triple Lock .44 Special, but the chances of finding, let alone affording one of those is about zilch on a good day with a west wind. Not that "need" has anything to do with it, alas.

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#7075304 - 11/14/12 12:03 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: Stuart]
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It must have been about 1978 that I last worked on a Charter Arms Bulldog. I was fascinated by the concept of the little pistol and I was only mildly disappointed that the quality was not perhaps as high as I had expected but it was, after all, a Chsrter Arms and not a Smith and Wesson. Still, the pistol shot well and functioned well. The trigger was not real difficult to tune. I think the quality of todays Charter Arms revolvers is better than those of 35 years ago.
Recoil was significant but not unmanageable. The worst thing was the abundance of sharp edges which tended to bite. All fixable, mind you. To me, the real value of a pistol of this type is that it provides a last line of defence when the bear is chewing on your arm and the Bulldog is a great choice for this. Light, compact, and powerful, it is perfect for putting a bullet into Mr. Bruin's ear. GD

#7075940 - 11/14/12 03:38 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: Steve Redgwell]
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Are you going to post some range results. I'm curious what that revolver is capable of, not just group size but what loads are reasonable in that gun.

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#7077541 - 11/15/12 06:44 AM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: doubletap]
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.44 special is a great cartridge! I'm betting your gonna be a happy camper!

#7156234 - 12/07/12 05:54 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: Steve Redgwell]
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That is a good price as their website list MSRP as 489 us funds.
Cheers NC
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#7156763 - 12/07/12 08:25 PM Re: Charter Arms Target Bulldog - 44 Special [Re: northcountry]
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I have one. I like the feel of it, just the right size and weight for carry. It's my fishing gun. The quality still isn't up there tho. Mine is back right now for a new barrel. The original one had chatter marks all the way through the length of the rifling. It was stripping lead something fierce with hard cast at about 800fps. The front sight was also too high and it shot very low until I filed it down. I hope it is good to go when it gets back, as I said, it is just right for what I need.
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