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#7172143 - 12/12/12 02:09 AM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: Rman]
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Originally Posted By: Rman
That is a nice pile of good honest hard work, right there. R.

You got that right, split a lot of that when I was a kid at home.

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#7173008 - 12/12/12 06:05 AM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: Ghostwalker]
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have fun ... we mostly split before winter hitting us ... we had some weeks of colder weather so the wood burnt fast ...

#7175182 - 12/12/12 10:05 PM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: yukonphil]
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I have one of those old buzz saws, last time I used it was 1991.
It sits out in the yard and tourists ask me about it all the time. I have often thought about fireing it up just for a demenstration but then remember how afraid of that thing I really am. They more dangerous than a whole tree log chipper.

I burn between 6 and 10 cord of birch a year with an indoor wood boiler. House and shop are attached 30 X 80 ft with in floor heat. Got a propane boiler too so the amount of wood I burn is directly proportional to how I feel about chopping wood today.

#7176344 - 12/13/12 02:45 AM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: kkahmann]
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Years ago, there were two boys that used to cut and split fire wood such as the pile in your picture. they used a circular saw mounted on a small trailer, and they ran the saw from the back axle of the Pinto car they hauled the trailer with ( took wheel off and bolted up the "PTO" to the 4 studs. After every thing was cut to length they went home then brought back a gas/hydraulic wood splitter, home made as well.

#7193837 - 12/17/12 01:51 PM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: zxc]
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Brother Keith, Would you show us the progess on the firewood?
It will look pretty cut, split, and stacked.
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#7194749 - 12/17/12 06:22 PM Re: Guess What I'll Be Doing for a Few Days? [Re: SuperCub]
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Originally Posted By: SuperCub
Originally Posted By: the_shootist
Rather than have either a concrete block, or poured concrete wall basement, you dig your hole in the ground and build a wooden frame basement out of PWF wood and plywood (stands for Permanent Wood Foundation) You build walls the same as for the rest of the house, only the wood and plywood are treated for sub grade. Used to be warranteed for 40 years, but Mine is showing no signs of trouble yet, so who knows. You then build the house on top of that, and you can insulate the basement walls and then sheet them in. I have 6" of insulation in my basement walls. Works good, and it is super dry. Even my floor is wood. The only concrete in the whole house is what my furnace and chimney are sitting on. The footings are wood as well.

Flame on! laugh

Thanks. I've never heard of that type of basement before. We get too much moisture here for that. Be rotted in no time.

Actually in 1980 the PWF Foundation had wood in the ground from Louisianna to Northern Manitoba and they had been in the ground since the 1940s. At that time no deterioration of any kind was found. They are an amazing engineeered structure that is dependant on everything setting on wooden footings on a washed crushed rock substrate. I heeted my house for twenty years averaging 2 cords a year and we had -35F at least one month of the year and winter for six honest months. In the ternty years+ years I lived in the house there were never leaks and no settling. It was in gumbo clay.
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