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#7147025 - 12/05/12 06:08 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: saddlesore]
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Same topic.....loading the 44-40

I'm having trouble with crimping the bullet on the case. Having too many back into the case which leads to some trying moments.

I'm using the Lyman'098 205 gr bullet which doesn't actually have a crimping groove. Near as I can tell, I have to create one on the first driving band. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so good.

Rifle is a M92 Win and the loads are moderate, such as 9 grn Unique and 17 gr 4227. Cases are Starline. Lead is 20:1. OAL is 1.60

Yes, I'm new at loading pistol type ammo. Thanks
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#7147597 - 12/05/12 09:26 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: saddlesore]
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Latest "Rifle" magazine has an article on the .44-40 and some suggested loads.
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#7147997 - 12/05/12 11:32 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: Mesa]
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Rats! I no longer have a subscription. Thanks
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#7178089 - 12/13/12 04:49 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: Timberlake]
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Timberlake.I had the same problem crimping a 38-40. Necked down44-40. The Lee FC would not do it on jacketed bullts,but works on cast with cannelure.There are two cannelure making tools on the market ,but don't get the $60 one.
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#7359656 - 01/25/13 01:48 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: saddlesore]
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I know this is an older posting but maybe the OP will check back in.
I've loaded the 44WCF for many years and fired thousands of rounds in SASS matches. Not the Mousefart loads you hear about but full house loads that match the original factory of 1873 and after. If you use smokeless powder then the 427098 Lyman bullet sized at .429 in a 20-1 alloy will give MOA accuracy with 8 grains of Unique. If the cases are cleaned and you lube the cases they will give you many reloads, much more than the 3 that was posted.
I have found that the false information on the 44WCF is passed around by persons who have never even fired or owned the rifle.
To the OP's posting on the 44 rim fire and the comparison with the 44WCF, there is none. The 44WCF out performs it hands down and anything hit with the 44WCF will not know the differrence between it and the 45 Colt.
If you order your bullets from one of the large vendors you will receive bullets that are too hard for the caliber and it will not obiturate in the barrel. You should use a bullet that has a 10 BHN for best results.
The Uberti rifles will be the correct size of .427 if a later model. I have had several that had this size barrel. I cast my own bullets and size them on my Star at .429
I have cases that have over 10 loadings on them and the primer pockets are still tight. I only shoot the real black powder.
Marlin and others have decided on their own to make the 44WCF with barrels as large as 430 so that they will shoot the same bullet as the 44mag. A bullet weight of about 215 is max for the caliber with 205 being the original loading. This is lead and not the jacketed 217 bullets of 20th century loadings that I'm speaking of.
I went to Accurate moulds and had the owner Tom make me a copy of the original bullet but with wider and deeper lube grooves so that it will hold more lube for BP shooting.
A friend of mine by the name of John Kort had some bullets designed with him also. In fact John has worked with Tom on many different calibers.
Take your time and sort out the truth from the bull and you will find the 44WCF just as fun to shoot today as it was in 1873.
The original rifles were actually made with bores of .425 size. I have one of the original Lyman loading tools and the bullet cavity drops bullets that are .425 in size. Take Care David AKA Fairshake
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#8177125 - 10/21/13 04:23 PM Re: Loading the .44-40... [Re: Fairshake]
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I have checked back in and thanks. I've decided to stay with my first love the Model 1911.

You all feel free to use this thread for whatever use it provides.

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