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#5496973 - 08/07/11 02:40 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: IrishTN]
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i used one over 20 years in 12 ga., only thing that wore out was the wad guides. i used an old candle to lubercate the crimper heads and the center shaft. it was still in good shape when i sold it .

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#5574737 - 08/31/11 07:26 PM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: IrishTN]
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#6221875 - 02/26/12 05:32 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: kabom]
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I use mine to load 4 or 5 boxes of 12 gauge per week....
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#6224217 - 02/26/12 09:31 PM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: Mssgn]
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I still have the one I bought in 1975. Still works good. Since then I've been given three more. One in 12 and two in 20.
Only problem I ever had was with the resizing ring. After four or five reloads, the rim might expand enough that they could hang up in the magazine. When they did that I'd toss 'em.

#6234314 - 02/29/12 12:05 PM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: websterparish47]
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Mine worked well, and for a casual shooter they are the bomb. If you plan on being a competitive trap shooter then you may want to go for a bit heavier machine . The great thing is they are cheap so you can afford to have a couple and leave them set up for different loads w/o going thru the change over process.

#6235901 - 02/29/12 07:31 PM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: bangeye]
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Ditto on the positive...I have 12 and 20 ga Lee Loadalls AND Mec Jr's. The Lee's are great for doing a few at a time as they are MUCH easier to set up AND store in my limited area reloading shed...

I also load RMC heavy 3" brass cases for my slug shotguns along with some home made tools to do the crimps/sizing...the plastic Lee crimper won't handle the heavy brass mouths at all but the steel resizer ring works OK with Imperial sizing waz and the tools I made so I could use my Rockchucker press.

The Lees also have cheap replacement parts or the whole thing can be replaced every 5-10 years for very little amortization.

#6245494 - 03/03/12 12:49 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: NFG]
castnblast Offline
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I had one in 16 ga, and it was OK, but my shells were always used in double guns. I would wonder about feeding issues if used in a semi or pump, the Lee does not do a very nice crimp compared to the MEC that I replaced it with.

#6303265 - 03/18/12 12:32 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: IrishTN]
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Hi since I started this thread I thought I would provide a brief update. Never got around to ordering the Lee Press. Last Sunday a friend called and said that someone came to a trap meet at his club with a almost new Mec 600 Jr with auto primer feed for $60, I told him to buy it for me. Long story short, just loaded my first box of 16 gauge hulls, they look great, and the crimp is excellent. Federal hull, 7/8 to 1 oz wad made in Bologna Italy offered by Ballistic Products, 1 oz of 8 1/2 Magnum shot, 19 grains of PB powder with a Federal primer. I am all set to go Sunday at my club. Thanks to all for the good feedback. Glad I stayed with Mec, I already had a 20 and a 12 guage reloader, so charge bars, bushings and bottles are all interchangeable.

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#7172558 - 12/12/12 03:32 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: Mule Deer]
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What they all said!

My inlaws gave me one in 1979.

It has given very good service and as mentioned has
bushings for loading just about everything.

#7193314 - 12/17/12 05:41 AM Re: Has anyone tried a Lee Load All Reloader? [Re: 30Gibbs]
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i loaded thousans of 12 gauge dove loads on a lee when i was a kid and never wore it out. have mec now.. the mec is a better made machine and you will be happy with it

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