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#7222650 - 12/24/12 Reasons why men (and women) like guns...
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I appreciated a post that launched another thread (I am just a simple gun owner):
Originally Posted By: andrews1958
I am just a simple gun owner who loves guns. I am not into violent video games or movies.

I am not particularly interested in military types of rifles but like everything else people have different tastes and with guns this is no different.

Being an engineer I really appreciate the mechanics of a rifle and being an art lover also nothing is prettier that a gun with a beautiful wood stock, checkering and engraving.

With my travels around the world due to my work I have been in some real scary situations where I felt safe knowing my guards and drivers had me well protected with the arms they had on them.

I guess what I would like to say is thanks to all of the members on 24hr that have the same interests as I do and that we all need to stick together and do not feel ashamed of our hobby. Thanks guys.

It got me to thinking. Let's list as many reasons as we can about why we like guns.

andrews1958 hit on three of them right off.

"I was a deerhunter long before I was a man." ~Gene Wensel's Come November (2000)
"A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user." ~Theodore Roosevelt

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#7222672 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: Everyday Hunter]
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One more reason I like guns is because it's such a challenge to shoot them accurately, especially handguns.
<- My youngest son after he shot his first big game animal in 2012. It was a big, fat cow elk.


#7222675 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: Everyday Hunter]
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Guns "talk" to us, especially older ones. Like old hand tools,
they feel like nothing else. Even newer guns just have a feeling like they belong in your hands. There's nothing else quite like them, except really good flyrods or a baseball glove you've used
a long time.

#7222707 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: hacklewrap01]
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I started out really young, thanks to my granfather who was a rifle loony. Here's my list of why:

1. As a youngster, I dreamed of hunting big animals of Africa and Alaska.

2. Worked on (and still work on) becoming proficient and skillful as a marksman and hunter.

3. Security, knowing I can protect my family if the need arrises.
Originally Posted By: raybass
I try to stick with the basics, they do so well. Nothing fancy mind you, just plain jane will get it done with style.


#7223004 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: bsa1917hunter]
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My grandfather was an engineer by trade-gunsmithing was his hobby. I grew up sitting on a stool watching him inlet stocks, turn barrels on a lathe, and rust bluing metal. Guns remind me of my grandfather. Can't handle a bolt action rifle without wondering what he would think of it; I miss him.
I really don't give a damn how you did it "up North".

#7223052 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: 257Deland]
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I remember many family Christmas days out back with the grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles, brothers, cousins & all of the wives, husbands, girlfriends & boyfriends of everyone having a really good time. Everyone brings their .22's to the Christmas get-together (usually a new one will show up in a wrapped box too) and we all have a good time. LOTS of girlfriends handled their first firearm at those get-togethers & were taught safety & responsibility from the get-go. Several family members that were the founders of that tradition aren't with us now & we always lay their rifles out on the table with the others as though they were. Seems like everybody will walk by & look them over or rub the stocks at some point remembering family members past. It's one of those things that brings us all together. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!
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#7223125 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: skullmonkey]
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I realize there are some things in this life that I have no control over.

With a gun in my hands I feel like I have a measure of control--even if it is only a small measure.

I will not give up that feeling.

I'm not trying to argue intellectualy here--it is my emotional response. If Anti-Gun fanatics want to argue emotionally--so can I.

#7223156 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: kkahmann]
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I like that loading for and shooting guns is a personal skill. Each reload I make is based on a recipe and just as my wife really enjoys tweaking recipes this way and that, so do I get a certain satisfaction from tweaking powder charge, seating depth, bumping back a shoulder, partial neck sizing, etc. to perfect a load to the limits of my knowledge and ability.

The personal skill required to wring the best from a gun is also a source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Knowing that putting all my shots in a tidy little group is all up to me is both nerve wracking and challenging and when it all comes together is a satisfying reward.

4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer Michigan. smile

#7223233 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: bruinruin]
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I'm pretty simple....I like anything that goes BANG!! grin grin grin

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#7223379 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: 12344mag]
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I like to eat dove, quail, pheasant, turkey, deer, elk and buffalo. Certain tools allow me to eat those. The tools are called guns.

#7223406 - 12/24/12 Re: Reasons why men (and women) like guns... [Re: poboy]
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They are my best friends and i love nothing in this world better, except maybe my family or i love them as much. If i didn't have my guns life would be so boring i would just as soon be dead
"The only value we have as human beings is the risk we're willing to take." Ernest Hemingway


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