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#7232719 - 12/27/12 moon tables
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does anyone hunt by the times of the moon tables?? was just wondering ..i have a couple hunting apps on my iphone that show whether or not its a good hutning day and at ones times are strong periods of movement,etc....of course ive seen deer sometimes during these periods but some major periodsof movement i havent seen a thing...was just wondering how reliable something like the moon tables are ?

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#7232735 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: killindeer]
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I start when the season opens and cease when it's over. I couldn't care less what the moon is doing.

Everything has to be somewhere regardless of the moon. It's just a matter of finding the game.

#7232912 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: killindeer]
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If I have time, I guess I'm in the woods - period. Now, if I'm scheduling something out of my home state, and have a choice of multiple weeks, I will ALWAYS schedule around a full moon.

While I've had a modicum of success during this period, I've been at this long enough to know a full moon is a detriment to a week-long hunt.

I'll take my moon dark. smile

#7232923 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: killindeer]
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The best time to hunt is every time you can!
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#7233187 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: RS308MX]
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Sometimes they are on, sometimes not. I know that certain things can over influence them. Like fronts, rut, drought, feed etc.....

But overall I watch solunar tables and our cattle for sure, the tables definitely have something going for them as a minimum.

I'm like others though, when I have time, I"m in the woods. Regardless the tables. But watching tables, I might MAKE more time at certain times.
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#7233250 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: rost495]
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I using an app called ScoutLook. It has the moon tables but I mainly use the scent cone feature to pick what area to hunt.
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#7233434 - 12/27/12 Re: moon tables [Re: rost495]
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I watch phase of moon, not to make a hunt/no-hunt choice, but sometimes it affects how I approach a particular day of hunting. I still hunt. Sometimes phase of moon and what I know about historic critter activity during that phase suggests certain routes / timing of passing particular features along that route will be more likely to be effective than others.

One thing I've observed ... I spent some years as a fishing guide ... the elk, cattle, and deer seem to be active in sync, when they're all active, the fish seem to be "on the bite", and when the critters lay down to doze, the fish seem to stop biting, too. Whats REALLY interesting though is watching the backpackers 'n' so on who are not punching a clock .. they seem to be active or inactive on the same patterns as the four legged critters and finned critters. My guess ... subconscious responses to minute changes in atmospheric pressure.

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#7237050 - 12/28/12 Re: moon tables [Re: T_O_M]
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I shot a 5pt last weekend. When I got home just for fun I checked the tables and sure enough I took him in the middle of the secondary time. I usually check out the tables but can't say I base my hunting trips off them.

#7239298 - 12/29/12 Re: moon tables [Re: wpgtkd]
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I don't avoid hunting if things don't line up but the buck I killed this year was about an hour and a half short of hitting peak time according to the realtree forecaster. I will say it was a matter of things coming together since he was checking a scrape line and I was still hunting a funnel.

#7239667 - 12/29/12 Re: moon tables [Re: KineticPerformance]
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I gotta say,I have never even looked at them. Hunting season is when it is and that is when I have to hunt. I haven't had a hard time killing animals without knowing how the moon affects them.

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