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#7252488 - 01/01/13 03:14 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: BigSkyGuy]
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The preceding posts contain excellent advice.

I have hunted buff exclusively in Zim. Twice in Matetsi unit 3, Twice in Chirisa, once in Chete and once in Sijarrara.

My last buff hunt was 2011 in Chirisa. It is my favorite place to hunt buff and is an HHK concession.

Saw the most buff in Chirisa, but it depends on the time of the year. June-July are good months to go and because of that, June-August hunts sell the quickest.

A bull goes for ~$2,500 in Zim, plus dailies, which vary from $900 to $1,250, depending on the area and outfitter.

You have allotted plenty of time to hunt your buff. if you go to Zim, why not add a tuskless cow elephant? Great fun to hunt and quite reasonable. Usually about $2,500.

A day is all you need to see Vic Falls. The Victoria Falls Hotel is a classic venue to stay. The Royal Livingstone on the Zambia side of the falls is very nice and more like a resort.

I agree that you should go to the DSC show to book your hunt. Many of the prime hunts are sold there and are therefore gone by the time of the SCI show a month later.

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#7271048 - 01/05/13 04:36 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: Winchestermodel70]
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The timing on this post is unbievable as I just sat down to write the exact same question. I just made the decision to get serious about a safari in the next year or two and would really ike to take a Cape Buffalo. My wife is coming along just as Todd's. One additional question...what time of year is recommended?


#7271096 - 01/05/13 04:48 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: DeskJockey]
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Usually the June through August time period. That's their dead winter. I was looking at late Sept. but saw where the temperartures would be in the 100+F have held off to, maybe, this year. Another good place to look is, they actually have a discounted hunt thread there, and some good deals..

#7272781 - 01/06/13 12:47 AM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: DeskJockey]
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Best time can be dictated by the area. Many areas in Zim are very good in September and especially October. It can be hot, but worth it. I have been in Zim with my wife during September, October, November, and December and have survived.

#7274112 - 01/06/13 05:03 AM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: BigSkyGuy]
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Ive hunted cape buffalo in Zimbabwe twice- once in May in Buffalo Range and once in Matesi in October. Later in the year tends to be better. Id defibitely go to Zimbabwe over any other African Country. I've hunted Africa 7 times in 5 countries. Unless you can afford hunting Tanzania (i cant) Zim is the best bang for the buck. Matesi is right beside Vic Falls in the NW part of the country. There are no gemsbok (oryx) in Zim though - you have to go to Namibia (where Big Kudu are plentiful) or RSA. I could spend the rest of my days hunting nothing but Buff and warties and die a happy man. Once youve hunted dangerous game- you wont want to hunt anything else.

tuskless cows are great fun too- they dont call them bitches of the bush for nothing. Probably the most dangerous game there is because there are always babies around and if a cow is coming, shes coming. a bull will bluff and trumpet- a cow doesnt stop.

#7290305 - 01/09/13 09:06 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: DeskJockey]
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Well, the timing of this thread is interesting! I have been thinking hard about Africa for the past 4-5 years, and the more I've read and talked about it, the more confirmed I am in my resolution to hunt buffalo as my primary quarry.

I went to the DSC convention last w/e and met a number of good people from 24HCF and interviewed half a dozen safari operators. I have wanted to hunt Africa for years and now it appears I finally have my chance. I was very impressed with several PH's I spoke with... really, not one of the guys I spoke with gave me anything but positive vibes, for lack of a better term. But the PH I made the strongest connection with was John Sharp. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, and we agreed to do a 12-day buff/plains game hunt in Zimbabwe, late Aug/early September of 2015.

To say that I am excited about this is gross understatement.
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#7290430 - 01/09/13 09:42 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: DocRocket]
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Good for you, Doc.

Got a rifle, yet?
I've got a rifle, a horse and eight dollars. It'll hold.

#7290466 - 01/09/13 09:52 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: DocRocket]
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Prepare to never be the same....
" I told my Pap and Mam I was comin' to the mountains Mother Gue I said,the Rocky Mountains are the marrow of the world. And by God I was right."

#7290574 - 01/09/13 10:17 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: ingwe]
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like the old quote says, I sure do envy a man going to Africa for the first time...(as I plan my second trip)..

#7290828 - 01/09/13 11:16 PM Re: Cape buffalo [Re: tjm10025]
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Yes, I have, actually. I bought a Ruger M77 African in 375 Ruger 2 years ago. I've killed a bison cow only with it so far... it shoots well for me. It has punch a lot of holes in paper besides that bison.

Dunno yet what I'll take for my "light" rifle, if I take one. The 375 might do for everything, as all I really want is my buff, a kudu, and an eland... anything else will be gravy, so to speak. If I take a second rifle it will likely be a 30-06 Model 70, or perhaps my BLR in 358 Win.
"If you're gonna dog somebody [on the 24HCF] it needs to be about how they got drunk and chit their britches while they were tryin' to light a fart while hangin' out around camp during a hog hunt." Bristoe

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