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#7299584 - 01/11/13 10:31 PM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: NH K9]
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Heya George!

Thanks for your experience and insight man! Like I said, I thought that it was possible that the particular ammo I used was the culprit. I wish I could remember what it was so that I could offer up that bit of warning on this thread.

I'm real glad to hear that it's been a success for your guys. It gives me hope as I really love the ballistics on that bad boy!
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#7299606 - 01/11/13 10:36 PM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: HugAJackass]
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Well the Texas Dept of Public Safety, including the Texas Rangers, has been using the 357 SIG since the 1990's. it's all good for them.

#7299619 - 01/11/13 10:39 PM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: HugAJackass]
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When the time comes that we replace our current weapons (a long time from now) or I retire (maybe about the same time frame grin ) I'll buy mine without a second thought. I like the .357 Sig enough that I asked about their new run of .357 1911s after the "cold weather" carbine course I attended there a few weeks back. Had they been a "stocked" item, I would have walked away with one.

When the department orders ammo, a few of us order cases for ourselves as well. We don't get the Agency price, but it's enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. I have enough of my own to shoot for some time outside of "sanctioned" training where ammo is provided.

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#7300529 - 01/12/13 01:53 AM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: NH K9]
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I love the 357 Sig and it is one of my favorite carry rounds
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#7300569 - 01/12/13 02:02 AM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: bea175]
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Hey 175-you missed a gun. The three guys on the left all have guns.
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#7300677 - 01/12/13 02:27 AM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: MissouriEd]
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I'm thinking it's because most people who want more than a 9mm, want larger dia and heavier bullets, not more speed.
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#7301151 - 01/12/13 04:13 AM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: 458 Lott]
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The original point of the .357 Sig was to match the .357 magnum's ballistics. In the press of the day, the .357 Mag with 125 gr bullets at 1400+ fps was considered the "ultimate stopper" in handgun ammo. The .357 Sig was designed to match that performance, but still fit into a 9mm framed semi-auto.

In factory ammo, they seem to work well, and feed reliably.

Handloaded, I'd urge caution. Because the base of the bullet is hanging in space inside the case, setback in feeding may be more likely. I've never loaded for the .357 Sig, but I did work with its big brother, the .400 Cor-Bon, and you had to be damn careful with it to avoid the problem.

I guess the .357 Sig might be a more reliable feeder, than say the .40, but good .40's run reliably, and there's just not that much difference in real performance, according to the most recent data. If you're using a 1911, you can get the same performance out of the .38 Super, or the 9x23, and have another round in the mag.

If you've got a 10mm 1911, then a barrel change alone will let you shoot the .357 Sig, which is sorta neat. smile
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#7301173 - 01/12/13 04:18 AM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: 458 Lott]
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Shot out of a 229 platform, I believe it to be one of the better Law Enforcement duty weapons going today. Been using the .357 Sig through a couple platforms since its inception. We've been through testing, transition and issue of .38s, .357, 9mm, 10mm, 40 and 45 cals prior to settling on the 357 Sig. In law enforcement, the standard duty 357 magnum has developed a stellar track record on the street. The 357 Sig does an outstanding job at near duplication of the 357 magnum duty revolver performance in a compact great handling semi-auto. So far, the Sig round has been equally stellar on the street in that capacity and is much loved by the law.

Best smile

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#7302856 - 01/12/13 06:57 PM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: EvilTwin]
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Originally Posted By: EvilTwin
I would suspect that due to the intensity of the cartridge it is hard on the guns. Does anyone know if the service life/rounds fired for the 357 Sig is shorter/lower than for other pistol rounds???

I honestly believe this is it. I was told that the New Mexico State Police were having trouble with their Glock 31's chambered for the Sig cartridge. Seems the frames were cracking across the holes for the locking block pins.

I looked over a Smith & Wesson M&P yesterday that was chambered for .357 Sig. I was bringing home another purchase, or I'd have put it in layaway. 16 rounds of evil like that will keep the boarders at bay.
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#7303032 - 01/12/13 07:44 PM Re: .357 Sig - why so little love? [Re: CrimsonTide]
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I have never had a problem hand loading and getting reliable ammo , but I don't just slam dunk cases either, I size where as they a head spaced off the shoulder and lip together as close as possible with caution to hit the shoulder slightly first if not at the same time . good firm tapper crimp than have fun

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