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#7298188 - 01/11/13 04:48 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: smokepole]
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Originally Posted By: smokepole
Yep, I guess it all depends on where/how you hunt.

My main point is, personally, barrel life is not going to stop me from building/shooting the hunting rifle I want. Mine just happens to be a lightweight.

For sending lots of rounds downrange, I have other rifles that aren't barrel burners.

Besides, the OP has been in constant contact with me, sending PMs through his protege and confidant Tanner, and I'm pretty sure barrel life doesn't matter to him either.
BagABuck is slated as next head gunsmith at GAP, so I'm sure he will opine on the subject once more and set the record straight once and for all.

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#7298732 - 01/11/13 07:15 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Tanner]
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The best and most well rounded 30 caliber BG cartridge is,pretty clearly...the 30/06.

You can't say very much on here without pissing at least SOMEBODY off-get used to it.

#7299187 - 01/11/13 09:04 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Mark R Dobrenski]
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Originally Posted By: Mark R Dobrenski
Tanner-too funny about the super glue, but when I was guiding I had one fella in camp the night b4 the hunt actually sitting at the table thumbing primers back into the primer pockets... cool


We had a guy in competition, the [bleep] was an unbelievable shot, but just knew he had to have XXXX MV from a gun or it was a BB gun.
He was constantly putting primers in with 640 bearing retainer locktite adn still loosing em. We all know when the metal gives, no glue is holding anything in...

But a buddy of his built him a primer crimping tool, that actually helped him a bit. But less powder would have been safer for us all.

Funny story, as well as he shot, he couldn't shoot 600 prone that well. I was on a hot streak one state match and had a perfect score goign in horrible wind. Never a perfect score on that range at that point it was only about 5 years old or so... His cell phone rang while I was middle of 22 shots. I pulled the round and rolled over... waitiing on him to answer. Flustered him so bad he started stammering about keep shooting, don't need the phone etc..... and I kept saying catch it and I"ll wait... ( of course I was also watching the wind and continually twisting the knobs to keep up with it. He demanded I shoot again. He hated loosing but was funny to listen to him whine about keep going.... stopped on a X. Started with another.... and finished clean and beat G David Tubb at 600 that day wiht my measly AR...

Told him after the match... my scorekeeper that is, he asked how I did it. I said I used 242 loctite, the 640 was so strong that when the case gave a bit, it torqued the case to the side and skewed the angle of the bullet a tiny bit as it went downrange, which really didn't matter much at 200 or so but by the time it was accentuated at 600 it could cost you....
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#7300610 - 01/12/13 02:13 AM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Ringman]
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Originally Posted By: Ringman
Maybe you should just have "Gullibal" tatooed on your forehead....with the goofy wildcats you build I can see 350 rounds max, but you need to ? your source as your not getting the whole story...then again maybe you are

You actually believe I made wildcats?

I thought you were a big wildcat guy?

#7301016 - 01/12/13 03:44 AM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Tanner]
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Yes. My job is to put dollar bills under the barrels to make sure they're free-floated. Next stop, Vice President.

#7301907 - 01/12/13 02:24 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: BagABuck]
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I hope they let you in on the secret of how to do that. Use a $100, it'll not only help bed the action, it'll "true it up" too.

A wise man is frequently humbled.

#7306696 - 01/13/13 04:30 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: smokepole]
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Old Confederate money works extremely well, but it's just too hard to find. The Benjamins decrease barrel life by as much as 2 to 3 times, but if you get a cartridge with a longer neck length it should even out.

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#7307153 - 01/13/13 06:18 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Ackleyfan]
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I thought you were a big wildcat guy?

I was funin' with my .com friend about believing someone on the 'net. About being a big anything.... Let me see, I am 5'7" and 160 pounds so I'm not very big. Never the less I am on my thirteenth wildcat: A .257SLR. I am hoping to get 3,800 feet per second firing 85 grain G.S.Custom HV monometal bullets from a 26" Pac-Nor barrel.

One time I visited Sisque Barrel Works near Grants Pass. When I introduced myself to Chick Donley he responded, "So, I meet the infamous Rich Coyle the wildcat man." I used two of his barrels. He loaned me a .22-6mm Rem reamer for one of my .224 wildcats.
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#7307578 - 01/13/13 07:47 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: Ringman]
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Ringman- I know that guy too. Is his name Jude?

#7307617 - 01/13/13 07:56 PM Re: Best rounded .30 Caliber? [Re: rost495]
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Originally Posted By: rost495
.... and finished clean and beat G David Tubb at 600 that day wiht my measly AR...

Not too many folks can say that. KUDOS!

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