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#7274158 - 01/06/13 Re: Ever lost an animal? [Re: Freezerfiller]
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I lost a slug-hit whitetail when I was 16 or 17. That animal was grazed enough to have stopped initially, but was spooked by friends I was hunting with as I was readying for a simple kill shot. We tracked that doe for quite a distance with very little to follow other than her footprints- specks of blood were scarce. When we finally found her again one of the friends, a fellow who fired his gun once or twice with slug loads before we hunted, stepped in front of me to make the less than 50 yard shot, a simple deal with the gun I was practiced with for weeks before the season. He missed. We never saw her again.

I haven't a lost anything bigger than a fox since. I have had some pretty horrendous tracking jobs at times, but I generally do the same whether it be a rabbit or a ptarmigan too. I see it as good training. You never know when the ability to follow and find will mean saving a friend or other person.
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#7274217 - 01/06/13 Re: Ever lost an animal? [Re: Klikitarik]
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Yes I have. Two deer both standing head shots (thats why I call a head shot a chump shot). On one, I believe that I just scratched the head between the horns. The other one went off leaving pieces of her lower jaw. Trailed her on and off for two days never recoverd. Cow elk muzzle loader, 125 yards, square in the middle of the near shoulder. Wandered around while I reloaded and then joined the herd for a walk about. 5 mile, two drainages, and 2,000 down, below the snow line in a different county,I gave up. I believe the bullet failed to break her front shoulder. Deer with a bow, 25 yards standing broadside downhill. Arrow went high just a little far back, little blood, and poor tracking conditions. I am thinking she may have lived because it was in my back yard and no crows or dogs ever showed up. I cris crossed the area several times over the next few days. Two elk both drew very little blood, never stopped for "miles". Both probably recovered. Both shot low, long dark hairs on the snow.

#7274439 - 01/06/13 Re: Ever lost an animal? [Re: 5spd]
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lost a housecat one time. It took 3 attempts and a half tank of gas, but I was finally successful.

#7299807 - 01/11/13 Re: Ever lost an animal? [Re: rphguy]
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Haven't taken but a dozen-odd 'big game' animals, but haven't lost one yet. One antelope I shot badly was a horrible thing, however. She was bedded down and I must have spooked her just as I squeezed, and the round unzipped her belly as she stood. UGLY. Ended up putting 3 more 7RM rounds in her as she ran along dragging 20 feet of intestines behind her. A bud with me finally rolled her with two .35 Whelen rounds. Not a proud moment, that.

#7300649 - 01/12/13 Re: Ever lost an animal? [Re: kamo_gari]
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Several years ago I lost a poorly hit doe, knew it when I heard that hollow thump that I'd gut shot her. She had come up out of a hollow and stopped for a moment before starting off again just as I shot. Trailed her across two neighbors places before I lost the trail. I'm always very careful about shot placement as I don't want that feeling again.

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