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#7271502 - 01/05/13 10:30 AM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: FC363]
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Originally Posted By: FC363
I could never understand why people check every tenth charge to make sure nothing has changed. confused

If you have kept the right amount of powder in it, used the same throwing technique, and haven't changed the setting on the measure, then why would it change? If it does come up with a different charge, are you going to dump the last 10 cases and start over?

If your charge weights are varying that much, either your throwing technique needs changed, or your measure needs upgraded.

Setting on mine is held in place by a lock nut. I'm always checking if I tightened it sufficiently. Weigh every 10 throws or so to confirm again in my mind that what I started with is what I really want. At the same time I take another glance at the bottle to confirm that is the powder I want. Perhaps the one you checked is the one that bridged in the tube-have had it happen. Final step is a look into each case to ensure they are all to the approximate same level in the case.
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#7271503 - 01/05/13 10:31 AM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: Mule Deer]
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Thanks John,

I'll try it and weigh the charges.

I have a set that probably goes back to about then, plus some recent ones.


#7311564 - 01/14/13 10:47 AM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: 7x57STEVE]
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I purchased the magazine in question just for this article, and found it useful, thanks for writing it. I have been running tests with my powder measures, and asking friends with different models to do the same.

Would you mind answering a couple questions about your data? I'm using your numbers as a point of comparison but could not find in the article some of the details. Specifically regarding the powder variation numbers shown in the second table, I gather that those numbers display total variation, not +/-, correct? Is this an average, a standard deviation, or the extreme spread? Also, how many data points did you collect to determine them?

And of lesser concern, but I am still curious, did you discount throws where the extruded powder kernals were cut hard by the measure? I used to toss those ones out when loading, but in my measurements so far, they seem to fall in with everything else.

Thank you,
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#7313305 - 01/14/13 05:29 PM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: scenarshooter]
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Excellent article. All should read it.

#7313664 - 01/14/13 06:31 PM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: djs]
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It must suck to be a gunwriter these days. First you have to submit a solid article that actually sells print magazines, then you have to double your word count re-stating same on the internet! smile

#7317137 - 01/15/13 02:35 PM Re: Mule Deer's Article on Powder Measuring [Re: Talus_in_Arizona]
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That's good, Talus. laugh
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