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#7585391 - 03/26/13 12:27 AM Stabbings in Pittsburgh....
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Can't we stop the Random Knife Violence...for the children..?



PITTSBURGH —Authorities say four people have been stabbed inside a Target store in Pittsburgh, including a 16-year-old girl who is in critical condition.

Officers were called to the store in the East Liberty section of the city shortly after 5:30 p.m. Monday. Police say a suspect was arrested at the scene.

A hospital official says the teenage girl was taken to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in critical condition.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that other injuries were described as moderate to minor, and a police officer was treated for exposure to pepper spray.

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#7585397 - 03/26/13 12:29 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Deerwhacker444]
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Here comes Bloomberg now with $12 million dollars to advertise for knife control.
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#7585420 - 03/26/13 12:39 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: ColKlink]
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Why would anyone be against common sense restrictions to turn in all their kitchen knives? It's FOR THE CHILDREN!
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#7585456 - 03/26/13 12:49 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Theo Gallus]
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Don't laugh, its the next logical step after the guns. Look to the UK:

#7586415 - 03/26/13 09:16 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Stush]
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The stabber didn't turn his knife on himself before police arrived?


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#7586421 - 03/26/13 09:34 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Archerhunter]
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Must have been one of those "semi-auto Assault Knifes" cool
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#7586449 - 03/26/13 10:19 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Stush]
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from the article you linked to:

"The study found links between easy access to domestic knives and violent assault are long established."

Perhaps we only need to have "wild knives" around then? wink Or perhaps we should have "safe storage" laws for knives now, like Cali does for firearms? (DOJ approved kitchen knife lockboxes) The study did find a link between "easy access" and violent assualt. Maybe the "access" is the real issue.

To be sure, one doesn't need to have all those knives around one's house. Indeed, one can get their vegetables and meat pre-cut in the grocery stores nowadays. Garlic and onion is also available in jars or dried and powdered (added benefit, no more crying while cutting onion). Lettuce should be torn, not cut, as cutting makes for browning on the edges. Heck, the modern family hardly even eats home cooked food anymore, why do they need knives for cooking/eating? If one should desire a steak/prime rib or such, go to a restaurant and perhaps we could have a knife check out system where one could get a knife for the duration of the meal (assuming one passes the background check). Better yet, the server could cut your steak for you, then there's no danger of an "untrained" person accidently cutting themselves.

String/packaging twine could be purchased in pre-cut lengths and used as needed. Fingernails could be cleaned with the little goody on the nail clippers (who needs a knife for that, really?).

Of course, the article did mention those who have a genuine "need" for a knife, like fishermen and such. Those folks could have knives issued to them but would have to leave them locked up at work (remember, "access to domestic knives" is a problem, we wouldn't want little Mary or Johny getting the knife out of one's work clothes, now would we).

Knife makers/retailers should have to put up a large bond in the event all these methods fail and someone should use a knife in an anti-social way. They have been profitting off society for along time now, right. (down with the death merchants!)

ANd let's not forget zero tolerance in our schools. Children who draw pictures of knives (or heaven forbid, SWORDS!) will be severely disciplined. No folding/rolling of paper into sharp objects either.

After all, if it'll save one person. Think of the children!

Next, we come after baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other "sporting" equipment. And boots too, they can seriously hurt a fellow human being when used in a violent manner (brought to you by the National Campaign for soft shoes for everyone).

I think the real solution is more folks like the (armed) vet in Wisconsin that stopped the guy from beating on that woman.

Geno (daily knife carrier since age 12)
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#7586454 - 03/26/13 10:26 AM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Archerhunter]
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Originally Posted By: Archerhunter

The stabber didn't turn his knife on himself before police arrived?

If I had to live in Schittsburg, I'd sure want to stab my self! Multiple times!

#7586583 - 03/26/13 12:14 PM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: Stush]
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Originally Posted By: Stush
Don't laugh, its the next logical step after the guns. Look to the UK:

Yep, and here's the answer to the problem.

Hmmm, if this really works, maybe we can just go to roundnose bullets in an effort to be "safer". crazy

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#7586623 - 03/26/13 12:34 PM Re: Mass Stabbing in Pittsburgh.... [Re: bruinruin]
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