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#8531070 - 01/31/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: Jim in Idaho]
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Nikon SE 8x32 are my best and I love them. I also have a B&L Zephyr 7x35 and a late 60's Bushnell 7x35 that I wore the finish off of when I was a field biologist.

Ergometrics just work for me and whatever other issues they have I can live with. My brain has a problem with even the best roofs fuzzy ring around the image. Porro's don't have that problem and let me glass for hours if need be.

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#8531517 - 01/31/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: Docbill]
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RDFinn , you are spot on about the 7X26 Bushnell Custom Compacts . Many decades ago , I shopped around and found the Bushnells to be nearly as good as the Leicas and Zeiss of that day and way , way cheaper . Most of my shooting was at Varmints in plenty of Sunlight , and I still would rather use the Bushnells today to spot Prairie Dogs . Hand holding these light weights all day was a pleasure . There were 2 varieties of the Custom Compacts : the originals had eyepieces which always seemed to turn by themselves when being carried and had to be refocused , and a later spare set ( still unused ) which I bought which has eyepiece detents . These are poor for Deer Hunting near dusk & dawn , but I never seemed to mind too much . BTW ,those Custom Compacts were picked for the first Astronauts in Space .

#8531948 - 01/31/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: usull]
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My Nikon 8x32 SE is still my favorite and reference standard for judging binoculars.
I also still keep a set of 7x35 Kowa Prominar, 7x35 B&L Zephyrs, 7x30 GR Leupold and 6x30 Yosemites around camp for loaners and my travel binoculars are Bushnell Discoverer compacts in both 8x and 10 x. They are the waterproof versions of the older custom compacts.
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#8531955 - 01/31/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: usull]
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I bought those Bushnell Custom Compact's after having a pair of Zeiss 8x20 B/GA's which had very bad flare if you looked anywhere near the direction of the sun (dawn or dusk). They were nice and sharp otherwise and I thought perhaps I just got a bad example, so I retuned them for a replacement, but the replacement were the same. I sold the little Zeiss 8x20's and bought the Bushnell Custom Compact 7x26's and never looked back. They were just sharp, a little brighter and had no flare.....mine have the diopter side detent clicks also.

For size comparison ...

#8532398 - 01/31/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: RDFinn]
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Sweet wife bought my Bushnell 7x26 Custom Compacts for Christmas in the late 70s (they were not inexpensive in 70s dollars). They are not moisture resistant, but can be cleaned. Like RDF, I still find them very useful. Back then, they were the cats meow for small glass. Unlike some more expensive binoculars that are sealed, the heat of riding in a vehicle does not seem to affect them.

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#8532894 - 02/01/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: jt402]
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Only pair I have are a pair of Carl Zeiss pre-war Telexem 6x24s that I bought here for $40 shipped then had Nicolas at NRC Optics open up, clean up, re-seal and re-lube for $87. They are simply stellar optically.

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#8534121 - 02/01/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: selmer]
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6x30 Yosemites - great glass for the money
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#8534252 - 02/01/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: CKW]
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Originally Posted By: CKW
Two pair of Nikon SEs both 8X32, and my old B&L 9X35 Zephyrs.

I prefer the view through porro prism binoculars; but alas, none of the above are really weather-tight.

In stormy weather out comes the roof prisms.

I believe that the B&L 9x35 Zephyr was Jack O'Connor's favorite sheep glass, IIRC.
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#8538777 - 02/02/14 Re: What porro's are still in your collection ? [Re: dawaba]
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I still have my B&L 9x35 zephyrs, first really good set of optics I bought, back when I was mid 20's. One of the smarter equipment buys I've made.
We've covered a lot of miles together, and while I typically carry a set of Minox 8x32s now when I'm in the timber (most of the time), for longer range stuff or a lot of time glassing the zephyrs are still good to go.

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