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#2562696 - 11/10/08 04:08 AM .325 WSM. The good and bad??
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I am considering picking up a 325 WSM as my newest Big Game rifle. I now have 8 bonus points for Limited Entry Elk in Utah and was thinking that I would purchase the rifle when I draw for certain, but possibly this year even if I don't draw.

So....I wonder how the accuracy has been with the 325s you all have experience with? Admittedly, I am an accuracy "snob" if you will and expect 1" or under 5 shot groups from the bench at 100 yards. My 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm-08 have both done terrific at delivering the needed accuracy with the proper handloads.

I am attracted to the Browning A bolts and also the Winchester Model 70s (both my 7 mag and 08 are model 70s), but the Kimber also looks really nice, but maybe a little too pricey.

So, how do they shoot? What do you wish they did differently? Pros and cons? I am ready to hear your responses and experiences.


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#2562733 - 11/10/08 04:30 AM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Fire Hawk]
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FH, I have two of 'em, in the form of a Browning BLR and a Kimber Montana. The BLR is a consistant 1.25 moa rifle, and the Kimber shoots into the .7's with several different loads. I think the caliber itself is plenty accurate; your worry is more the luck of the draw as far the individual rifle YOU get.

I killed a buck and two elk with my Kimber this year. It killed the elk VERY decisivly with 200-gn Accubonds. I screwed up and shot the deer right through the hip joint ball at 40 yards and the bullet ended up under the bucks chin.

8mm bullet selection is adequate but not great.

Recoil is between my '06 and my .338, as you'd expect.

I think it's a wonderful caliber. Go for it!!
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#2563422 - 11/10/08 04:27 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Jeff_O]
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Jeff, I have been thinking about getting a 325 WSM.
How much FPS do you lose with the shorter barrel BLR ?

#2563454 - 11/10/08 04:38 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: AMRA]
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My Montana 325wsm shoots under moa with 180gr TSX and 200gr TSX. With 200gr Accubonds its shoots over a inch..... \:\(
180gr TSX @ 3100fps with RL19
200gr TSX @ 2950fps with H4350

The bad part of the 325wsm is that the 8mm bullet ballistic coefficient are not that great....

Would be a hell of a good lightweight elk gun 500yds and in....

#2563506 - 11/10/08 05:02 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Fire Hawk]
SU35 Offline
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The 325 needs a good 215/220 grain to put me in it's camp.

I load the 300 WSM/180's at 3,000 and 200's at 2,980. Higher BC bullets if that matters.

So what does a 325 offer over the 300 WSM?

#2563542 - 11/10/08 05:17 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: SU35]
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I see Browning offers a takedown BLR in Stainless Steel in the 325WSM.
The 325 offers bullet diameter over the 300. Plus it gets a 200 grain bullet to nearly 3000 fps.

What does the 300 offer, besides infinite bullet selection?
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#2563583 - 11/10/08 05:37 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Siskiyous6]
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I'm always amazed at how less bullet diameter gain in other places is a good thing yet means nothing for 8mm bullets over smaller diameters. I'm amazed that with Barnes TSX, Nosler partition, ballisitc tips and Accubonds, GS customs, Hornady interlocks, and other's available the 8mm is claimed to have "no bullet selection".

#2563589 - 11/10/08 05:40 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Siskiyous6]
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I have a Winchester Featherweight in 325 WSM that shoots 200 grain Nosler Partitions into 0.5 inch consistently with several different powders. It has harvested moose and elk so far with the 200 grain Partition and done so with authority. It shoots 220 grain Sierra BT into sub-MOA groups, as it does with 220 grain Swift AF, 200 grain TSX and 200 grain XLC. I have not worked up a load with the 180 grain TSX as my 300 WSM shoots a 180 grain quite well.

I think the calibre is a winner. Is it better than a 300 WSM? Probably not, but it is another calibre with which to play. It does offer more frontal section on big game, but that is probably not significant. It does not necessarily offer more velocity than you will obtain with similar weight bullets in .308, neither is the SD or BC sufficient to merit jettisoning the 300 for the 325. Ultimately, it is simply a new calibre with which to harvest game.
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#2563612 - 11/10/08 05:53 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Fire Hawk]
Mark R Dobrenski Offline
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Fire Hawk- while I've never worked with a 325 WSM I have done a fair bit of work with a 338 WSM. Good rounds and totally capable of whatever you need done out to fairly long range (IE 500-600).

I'd have one in the stable in a heart beat if it turned my crank and if I had the need/want.

As for what it'll do that the 300 short will do and or vice versa. Well, I see it as I could micro manange points in favor of either one. But at the end of the day I want a rifle to be set to at least 500 yds and for me to do that I need a scope with either turrets and or my favorite dotz.

IME dotz and or turrets take out the this one is better than that one and either one is a darn fine round.

I see a 180 out of a 300 pushed to 2950 as a wonderful load as well I see a 200 out of a 325 pushed to 2900 as a wonderful load. Either one is incredibly capable if we are.

Bottom line, good luck in drawing that darn tag as that's a lot more important than any of this ballistic gack...

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#2563709 - 11/10/08 06:55 PM Re: .325 WSM. The good and bad?? [Re: Mark R Dobrenski]
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Agreed on drawing the tag. I think what got me thinking about it a little sooner is that I saw a "used" Abolt Stainless with composite stock lying in the gun store the other day for $495. I almost pulled the "trigger" on purchasing it, but decided I would really want to find out how they are performing first.

I am sorely tempted just to pick up a .338 Winchester Mag and be done with it, but I love the idea of a shorter more compact rifle for toting in the steep and nasty.

SU35 asked what advantage the 325 has over the 300 WSM. My response to that is that the 300 WSM is not a huge difference better than my 7mag. The 325 seems like a likely step up in performance and still get a lighter and more compact rifle. I recognize that "light" sometimes comes with its own problems. Recoil in particular as well as the tendancy of lighter barrels to be a little less accurate (so they say, no experience personally with that, so maybe I am a bit unfair).

Anyway, I have been intrigued by the 325 WSM for quite some time and would seem to offer an improved advantage over the 7mm Mag I currently use. That said, I KNOW where that bullet is going from my 7mm so that is why I ask about the accuracy of the WSM. If I could get the groups Dr. Mike refers to, I would be a very happy camper.

Anyway, the biggest issue is drawing that dogon LE Bull Elk tag. But I wouldn't want to have a brand new rifle on a dream elk hunt. So I better get it soon enough to practice a little maybe even on a cow elk or two ;>)


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