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#2800934 - 02/09/09 08:53 PM Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam?
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What would a mondern day Sheep Grand Slam Cost? Figuring starting today, without any of the sheep, doing it within a ten year time-frame how much would you have invested? Not that I can afford to do it, but it is nice to dream a bit. After visiting the Western Outdoor and Conservation Expo this weekend the sheep hunts started at $30K and went up, so. My guess is a cool $300,000.00. What's your guess?

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#2801109 - 02/09/09 10:10 PM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: centershot]
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I think you could do it for $100,000, although you certainly could spend way more. I would go to FNAWS and poke around. See if you can find outfitters who will put you on their cancellation lists.

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#2801267 - 02/09/09 11:14 PM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: HunterJim]
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Bighorn $20,000, Stone 25,000, Dall 16,000, Desert $65,000. Throw in some travel costs and I'm guessing north of $140,000. Assuming you are 100% successful in each endeavor, which I don't think is ever a guarantee.

#2801670 - 02/10/09 01:41 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: hawken54]
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Big Horn Stone and Dall would be the easiest to get and doable in a 10 year period, the Desert Big Horn well that would take some time to draw a tag, I would give it a 20 year time frame, and plan on 400 to 600 K for money. People forget, that prices today will be double in about 7 to 13 years for this kind of hunting, and travel and a few thing not thought of. The other thing is that sheep hunting is a young mans game, not for 50+ year old's who sit behind a desk. So If you are young, find a profession or a business that you can make a lot of money doing and get going before you are out of your thirties. Its something worth doing since there are not a whole lot of hunters that have done it. And a real few that have done it twice.
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#2801702 - 02/10/09 01:52 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: gmsemel]
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I would say you are looking at $80K for the desert(Mexico), $30k for the Stone(Canada), $25k(Canada) for the bighorn and $12K(AK) for the Dall. These prices may take care of shoulder mounts in most cases. With other travel or equipment incidentals cropping up, you ought to get a government stimulus package of $150k.

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#2802013 - 02/10/09 03:27 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: bigwhoop]
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A goofy old dude was camped next door to the old ranchhouse this past Fall. He lucked out and drew a bull elk tag for the Breaks(right where we were gathering cattle). Each evening after I had a few beers I'd walk over and talk with him and his son inlaw.

Amongst alot of things he had done the sheep slam.

The 3 days I was out there he did alot of spotting but hadn't found a good enough bull for the tag.

I talked to my dad later that Fall and asked if he got his bull.
He said Scotty(who rides out there 12 months a year) got him up on a good bull but his scope fogged up. Scotty offered to point the barrel at the bull while the 'sheephunter' pulled trigger but the old hunter declined.
True story.

FWIW, the guy appeared to have retirement figured out.
(And he was shooting a 280AI w/Nosler BT's)

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#2802055 - 02/10/09 03:44 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: SamOlson]
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My Rocky Mountain bighorn cost me $91.00

IF I ever draw a desert tag it will cost me 2K give or take.

Dall hunt probably 13K with all expenses.

Stone hunt probably pushing 30K with all expenses.

Grand total $45,091.00
$91.00 down $45,000 to go \:\)

#2802165 - 02/10/09 04:25 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: KCBighorn]
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To buy your slam you are looking at a minimum of $150k. If you draw the rocky and the desert and hunt unguided you will have less than $5k in those two, then move to AK and hunt the dall as a resident $1K. You still need a Stone so move to BC and establish resident alien status and hunt your stone $1k. A total of $7k not counting moving expenses. Makes me wish I was single and with no children. Naaaaaa, I will just work harder and keep the family.

#2802283 - 02/10/09 05:18 AM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: centershot]
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Last I knew, Carlos would guarantee a 170 plus desert, for 17k

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#2803507 - 02/10/09 07:57 PM Re: Price tag on a Sheep Grand Slam? [Re: watch4bear]
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Unfortunately there is no way to hunt a desert bighorn in Mexico nowadays for less than $50-$60k. I know of a desert sheep hunt that can be had now in Texas for that price also with a landowners tag.
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