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#365417 - 10/29/04 How to kill a coyote?
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I own land in middle GA and occasionally see, and shoot, coyotes. However, the shooting is only based upon random sightings and could not hunt and kill on with that intent in mind. This brings me to my question. I saw the biggest coyote I have ever seen last Sunday as it dashed across the trail in front of my four wheeler. I would really like to shoot the booger but I know I will probably only get one chance, that is, if I mess up, he will be the wiser and be more reluctant to come to a call, etc. I have noticed that they are very "aware" when seen from a deer stand and are quick to pick up any movement. I have thought about hunting over a gut pile but I really do not want to sit and wait when I have better things to do now, like sit and wait for a deer. Any advice would be appreciated.

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#365418 - 10/29/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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257Bob, IF you have a partner who likes to call varmints, team up with him.Generally the caller will be the focus of whatever comes in( coyotes, then foxes, then cats) so the shooter is less likely to be busted.

Depending a little on what you consider their primary food source is down there, the dying-injured rabbit almost always brings them running..The young, hungry and dumber ones first..with the more experienced dogs coming a bit slower..jim

#365419 - 10/30/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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You are right about coyotes getting wise real quick. Try changing up your calls and set up differently every time. I would give bait a try if you can find a dead horse or cow.
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#365420 - 10/30/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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Hey 257
I hunt them with a squeeling pig or a puppy call on a johnny caller. I also use my sks as a rifle. also try a decoy like a garage salr stuffed animal.

#365421 - 10/30/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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A friend recounted to me a technique he used very successfully for a time.
He started taking his sister in law's shitzu (sp?) dog out with him while hunting. Unbeknownst to the sister in law, he would find a likely spot and tie the little dog to a bush. After setting up in a good location, he would whistle at the dog which would then start yelping and crying like mad.
"I've never seen anything like it", he proclaimed. "those coyotes would just throw caution to the winds. There were times I had to shoot pretty quick or Fluffy would have been a memory."
Two things happened which made him give up the practice in spite of it's success. First, a bald eagle very nearly got Fluffy. Luckily the bush to which she was tied had enough overhang to thwart the eagle's attempt. The second occurence, and probably more telling, was that the sister in law got wind that Fluffy was not just going along for a ride but was an active participant in the hunt. This really brought things to a halt.
I asked him why he didn't just get his own dog. "I would never want to risk my own dog like that", he replied. GD

#365422 - 10/30/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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Wow is about all I could say to such. Some folks will cut you about their best friends.

#365423 - 10/30/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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LMAO, there's gonna be trouble when I email this to some of the boys back in Mizzou, specially if their wives happen to have one of those little annoying dogs, just me but never have cared for little dogs. Made the paper in Valdez couple of years ago, man and wife vacationing in their motor home, little hairy varmint that was her child got scooped up by a baldy! The old man was so happy he went around to the other side of the motorcoach and started whooping it up! The downside is the Valdez paper reported the whole thing up to and including his little celebration dance For his sake I hope his wife didn't get the Valdez paper, coulda made for a quiet drive home, not to say what it could do to a man's love life Good story greydog, enjoyed it, well just the sick part of me, but hey you gotta admire resourcefulness no matter what form it takes. 1ak
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#365424 - 11/01/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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LMAO at GD & Ak... The dog baiting techinque sounds like a sure fire winner...

as far as the dog in Valdez... I saw something Very similar in Kodiak, a neighbor lost their little ankle biter to a bald eagle from the back yard, But the Hubbies Victory dance in Valdez almost made me spew...LMAO again

Thanx guys

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#365425 - 11/01/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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May sound a little unorthadox, but I have found the quickest way to get a shot is to drag (with a vehicle) an animal carcass through your property to a good vantage point, then wait downwind that evening. Coyotes make a living following such scent trails, and if you can put it where they'll cross it, they'll come RIGHT now.
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#365426 - 11/01/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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to all, thanks for the feedback. had my dachshund at the camp this weekend as the mrs was going to be out town. she is a great little dog and absolutly love riding on the four wheeler as we tour the place for maintenance, etc. however, she like to follow her nose and I know if she gets lost, she is coyote grub. this came to mind this sat am at 5:15, I let her out to do her business, I stood watching in my under drawers and flip flops on the front poorch. just as she finished, a rabbit made a break for it and annie was in hot pursuit, me behind her, clad in drawers and flops - not a pretty site. needless to say, I gave her "what fer" and put her back inside. really, I wanted to go deer hunting and not looking for a lost dog. the deer hunting is another story as my 11 year old son missed a real "hawg" of a deer in the fog. not really his fault but it did make me ill. I could see it well through the binos but he really could not get a fix on it in the scope. it was as good of a deer as you could hope to see at our place. maybe we will get another look at it via the trail camera.

#365427 - 11/01/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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I stood watching in my under drawers and flip flops on the front poorch.

Too much detail!!!!!

I did not need that image

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#365428 - 11/01/04 Re: How to kill a coyote?
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BMT, just consider yourself fortunante that you were not there to witness the calamity.


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