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#5093443 - 03/29/11 01:30 PM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: Swampman700]
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Originally Posted By: Swampman700
Originally Posted By: woods
and now they changed it because Remington had a wild hair!

Someone has to be the industry leader, and that is Remington.

Yeah because a lot of dumbazzes like you made them that. Like the leader we have in Washington right now, put there by a lot of dumbazzes.

Remingtons can be accurate but mostly they are just a lot of mass produced crap with defective 2 position safeties.

But I wouldn't expect you to understand.
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#5093448 - 03/29/11 01:32 PM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: woods]
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"The Model 700 is the most accurate and best selling production centerfire rifle in the world."

The only defective safety, is between your ears.

But I wouldn't expect you to understand.
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#5093796 - 03/29/11 03:31 PM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: Swampman700]
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Remingtons are great rifles, usually at their best after a real gunsmith fixes all the issues they left the factory with. IE, chitty bedding, 9# trigger, only one lug making contact (and it squeeks like a door in a horror movie).

All this describes a Model 7 in 7 SAUM that, by the way is for sale Swampy, wanna buy it?

#5094907 - 03/29/11 09:13 PM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: woods]
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I have seen the "mushroom" look of primers before, with very light loads. It is a head space issue, not a "hot" load issue in most cases.

What is "generally" happening is; The firing pin hits the primer and shoves the case into the chamber to the point it contacts the shoulders and forward movement of the case is stopped. The primer is ignited and is pushed back out of the the primer pocket when ignited and stops against the bolt face. At this point, the primer is sticking out of the case a few thousandths of an inch or whatever the head space slop is in the chamber.

Now the powder is ignited and the case is shoved back against the bolt face. Remember, the primer is sticking out of the case a few thousandths. The part of the primer cup that is sticking out of the primer pocket is hot and has expanded a couple of thousandths of an inch. It is now too large to seat back into the case, so it creates a little mushroom on the back of the primer, which flattens against the bolt face. The firing pin is fully forward at this point as well and often pierces the primer, so it looks like an over pressure load, when in reality it isn't. I hope all that made sense laugh Flinch
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#5095249 - 03/29/11 11:11 PM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: Flinch]
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Another great reason to stay with standard cartridges. But it's probably worth it for the extra velocity (what is it, something like 75 fps?).

#5095524 - 03/30/11 12:28 AM Re: 280AI info, correct? [Re: GF1]
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The eaasy way to check before firing nosler brass in your .280AI

A homemade comparaator made with my reamer.

An unfired Nosler case.

A fired .280 Nosler case.

Case fired in another 280AI

an unfired nosler case, a fired nosler case and a fire formed .280 case. Notice the difference in the shoulder. How much money do you think Nosler would lose if you could not fire their brass in older .280 ackleys? Do you think maybe they figured out that changing shoulder geometry would allow cases to headspace in both old and saami spec chambers? I dunno but given the lack of warnings on both nosler loaded ammo and nosler brass in an industry where every little thing causes a lawsuit, maybe they did figure it out and it was not accidental.

I think maybe the sky is not falling, but I would still check it with at least the tape before firing.

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