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#11742037 - 01/16/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: yobuck]
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It's not hard. Five twists with each hand, take the tag ends and do it again. After a couple of thousand times, you can do it in the dark. smile
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#11744954 - 01/17/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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#11777679 - 01/28/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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I've actually had good luck with the Lefty Kreh-type,braid to flouro, by adding a few more twists before tightening down. It's not as slim as the FG, but it's WAY faster/easier, and at least as tough in my saltwater use with 20# Snook up to 70# bull sharks. The FG takes more loops than indicated, to hold flouro to braid, IME.....but I'm often running similarly #rated rated, lighter poundage lines, which means very thin/slick braids vs much thicker/stiffer's just hard to do strong AND small AND easy to tie, with braid to flouro, but it might be me. wink

#11779544 - 01/29/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: hh4whiskey]
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#11796488 - 02/04/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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I prefer to use overshots.
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#11796688 - 02/04/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: urbaneruralite]
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Originally Posted By urbaneruralite
Originally Posted By stxhunter
this one looks good

It is indeed very good. The problem with most of these knots is they leave a tag end of the fluoro than will work loose going back and forth through the guides. The FG knot avoids the problem. Other knots will have a shorter life span and require you to keep an eye on them to retie often. It is important with all these knots to put them under strain and check them before using.

WTF can't people just tie the f*cking knot. I don't need 6 God damned minutes.

#11798743 - 02/05/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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I have tried the FG knot a few times, and I love how slim it ends up....I don't think its possible to get a less bulky knot, plus the mono tag end faces towards the reef meaning there is nothing to catch the eyes when casting..

That said, I don't think I would trust it if fishing light with low lb/low diameter mono....

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#11818419 - 02/11/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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Well, I'm also having SERIOUS issues with any of the new powerpro 8, also, so it's hard to figure if it's that knot or the slick 8, when that's been the combo. The kreh knot isn't as small, but it's reliable.

What I feel is fact: that knot on that exact powerpro in the video, is begging for heartache.

#11892248 - 03/12/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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Been using the Alberto for about a dozen years or something like that now. It doesn't suck...

Might have to try something new, just for grins though.

#11896785 - 03/13/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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FG knot. Slim and easy to tie. One of the best higher strength knots around.
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#11914289 - 03/21/17 Re: Best braid to fluro knot? [Re: Pashooter]
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I really like braid on my baitcasters and fluoro- for leaders. I also connect the two with a surgeons knot but make six wraps instead of the often seen three. I'm talking about 20-lb braid to say 10-lb fluoro-.

Even with six wraps it's a surprisingly small knot. The bass I fish for though are the northerns so not the hogs of the south. Still, I've had no break-offs with the six-wrap surgeon. And it's an easy knot to tie.
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