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#2774999 - 01/30/09 10:27 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: Johnny Dollar]
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I have an A-Bolt Medallion in 300WM. Never shot it that much, though it seems to shoot fine. I bought it used in the box, looked like it had never been fired. The safety started sticking and it would not go ON safe. Cleaned it and made sure the mechanism wasn't stuck, but it happened enough that I sent it to Browning. I never did find out what was wrong with it. I might carry it on a day hike elk or stand deer hunt, but I'm not taking it on an overnight trip. It just lost my confidence.

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#2800397 - 02/09/09 04:57 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: JRaw]
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I am canadian, I had 2 triggers break. the rifle was an abolt 1.
First snapped where the the pin joins the trigger to the rifle. same trigger snapped in the middle.
Mettle was very poor and full of air holes( ie not solid).
The rifle was extremely accurate after I bedded it. Original bedding material disintegrated with oil.
The problem was brownings customer service in canada, it was awful. They left me pretty bitter and vocal.
For a long time there was a web site called " broken browning" until its owner was forced to close it. I thought my case was isolated, I found out that is was a resonably common problem with a bolt 1. I suppose that is why there was an abolt 2.
I had the entire trigger group replaced after the second break and have had no further problems since although the rifle gets very little use. I just lost my faith in the rifle and the company. Please no hate mail, I'm just giving facts as i saw them

#2801840 - 02/10/09 02:33 AM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: TI3006]
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They haven't changed,I guess. My brother bought new a BBR 300WM.The BBR was before the A-bolt,a cross between a Weatherby and a A-Bolt.He leaned the rifle against the cabin wall and it slowly fell over,the stock broke in half. The wood was punky,as in rotten. He had to buy a used stock from Browning service.
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#2803313 - 02/10/09 06:29 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: downwindtracker2]
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In my hunting group consisting of myself, Dad and Uncles we have a few Brownings and continue to buy them based on our very favorable experience with them.

We have the following that have many years of use on Deer, Elk, Bear, Coyote, etc.

For A-bolts we have:
7mm Rem Mag Composite Stalker
300 Win Mag Composite Stalker
7mm WSM Composite Stalker
30-06 Hunter FLD

For BAR's we have:
7mm Rem Mag Safari
270 WSM Shortrac Stalker
300 WSM Shortrac Stalker

For X-Bolts we have:
300 WSM Composite Stalker
325 WSM Synthetic Stalker

I also have 2 Citori's, 1 Gold Deer Hunter Special, 5 A-5's, and a BPS in 12 gauges.

I cannot recall any of us ever having a single misfire, jam, failure of any sort. I think an A-5 was having trouble ejecting light loads once, but we just needed to reconfigure the spring and sleeve configuration. I know for sure that non of them have had to go to the smith.

I don't think anyone can deny their out of the box accuracy.

As a side bar, They have not spent a lot of time in salty environments, but have all been hunted pretty hard.
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#2805236 - 02/11/09 05:53 AM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: Cacciatore]
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Well I havent had my A-Bolt all that long. It was a 300 Rem Ultra Mag that I had rebarreled to a 8mm Remington Mag. I had it coated so maybe any issue with corresion if there was an issue will be solved. I asked the smith that rebarreled it about replacing the trigger and his reply was there was nothing wrong with the trigger although I had him adjust it and it is sweet. It was restocked by MPI with a light weight stock. I know some on here are not impressed with MPI but I sent it to them to be done and at this point I am satified. I am taking it to Kodiak in May for a bear hunt so I trust it. I have had Brno,Remington,Sako,Colt Sauer,Savage, and a custom Peter Noreen. To my mind nothing was as sweet as the Colt Sauer, smoothest bolt bar none. The A Bolt offers short bolt throw, Tang Safety, and a Clip magazine. These are all desireable to me. My hunting partner has had his A Bolt for 20 years and has taken Bear,Moose,Caribou,Deer,etc and never had an issue, although he does maintain it. It sits outside the tent in the rain, in the snow, etc. I believe there can be faults with any rifle. I also know there are alot of die hard Winchester folks here and the A bolt is manufactured in Japan, which bugs some, me as well. I am of the opinion that it is a good rifle. It does how ever seem to stir more comments than most

#2806392 - 02/11/09 08:14 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: 8mmRem]
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Get back to us on how much you love that "clip" after it falls out on you... Of all the "features" I would choose for a DGR, that would be last.

However, I have seen first hand how well duct tape works to renew the latch. ;\)
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#2806522 - 02/11/09 09:37 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: Sitka deer]
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I have been hunting with a .270 Gold Medallion for years and I have never had a problem. It's not the A-bolt II, it's the older style with the fluted bolt.

It's a pleasure to shoot, it's very accurate and the walnut is pleasing to my eye.

That's my experience.
I have other rifles, Remingtons, Winchesters and Rugers and I could say the same about them all. The Browning is my favorite deer rifle though.
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#2806685 - 02/11/09 10:57 PM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: Jordan Smith]
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The A-bolt I owned failed to impress me enough to keep it. Too heavy and didn't like the Ergo's. I didn't ever have an issue with accuracy or function even in some bitter cold.

While I think some things on the new X-bolt are positively stupid, like 4 screws/base and that stupid plastic magazine, I did like the "feel" of the rifle. I don't mean the tacky overmold but the slim forearm and fairly slim grip felt good.
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#2807302 - 02/12/09 02:53 AM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: ruraldoc]
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I'm with ruraldoc on this one.

I've had A-Bolts since they came out. I've fallen down scree slopes, into rivers, off of logs and dropped mine more than a few times. I am NOT a cleaning fanatic - in fact - I'm more of a "shoot it until I have a problem" kind of guy.

Not one of my A-Bolts has EVER failed me - in any way.

I wished I could say that about some of the other brands I own. Hint - one of my worst brands that I own in regards to needing visits to the gunsmith - is the darling of the "modifiers" - you know - the brand that everyone takes to their gunsmith to get them they way they want them - and then raves about! \:\)

Not only have all of my Brownings been trouble free - they have all been accurate - BEFORE - a trip to the gunsmith - not like that other brand. ;\)

Vernon BC Canada

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#2807735 - 02/12/09 05:03 AM Re: Browning A Bolt Failures [Re: BCBrian]
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The three screw,two piece bottom metal can cause nonfeeding,when the middle screw backs off. Since the clip is on the floorplate, the magazine drops enough for the bolt to pass over the cartridge.It doesn't take much.The blueing wears off quickly. The finish on the wood is much too hard,it shatters easily.
You can hunt longer with wind at your back

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