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#2900359 - 03/20/09 CO unit 36,44, or 45
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I can't decide which to apply for, I am going to try and combo a mule deer buck tag with this. The only season I am interested in is the 4th season, november 11-15th. I will only hunt wilderness, holy cross wilderness or eagles nest wilderness. there will be 4 in the hunting party,

I need all the advice I can get.

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#2900524 - 03/20/09 Re: CO unit 36,44, or 45 [Re: BattleMountain]
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The deer might not be in the wilderness by 4th season, so consider a unit that also has good road access to medium-high country. Say 8,000-10,000 feet. Deer are a lot more seasonal in their movements than elk and the bucks will be in the middle of the rut and coming down from the high country looking for does in 4th season. In a bad year, you may not be able to access the wilderness trail heads if the snow hits hard enough. If it were my application, I would consider a unit that has both high and low country public land. Many units only have the high country.
In looking at my maps, 45 and 36 have the most wilderness, but 44 has the most winter range, but they all have a fair amount of 8,000 foot country.
Since the heavy snows seem to be coming closer to Thanksgiving, and you seem to be more interested in elk (I'm assuming that because you posted under the elk section), I'd go with the unit with the most wilderness, unit 45.
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#2900932 - 03/21/09 Re: CO unit 36,44, or 45 [Re: BattleMountain]
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You only have unit 45 for elk and deer you can hunt 45,35,36. I hunt north of 45 unit 28/18. I've hunted the Holy Cross on one of those early Buck hunts in the wilderness(above timerline) Sept 12-20th bucks moved out of the area I was in it's a big unit saw lots of bulls.

I would hunt the Eagles Nest I know some guys who go in north of Dillion off Hwy 9 around the lower end of Green Mtn Reservoir and there other places to get into Unit 371 on horseback or walking.
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#2901549 - 03/21/09 Re: CO unit 36,44, or 45 [Re: roper]
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for the deer, you better check on your preference pt situation if you are wanting 4th season

you will likely find that 44 is out of your reach

35/36/45 takes a few

#2901642 - 03/21/09 Re: CO unit 36,44, or 45 [Re: Nontypical]
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I have hunted 36 quite often. Not the others. I would not recomend 36 for the last season. They put Vail Ski area there for a reason. Lots'a snow.I tried it and came the closest to getting snowed in I ever had. Even the 1st season has been known to get 18" of snow plus. If I hunt it,I only hunt the muzzle loader season.

I have proabaly hunted it about 10 times in the last 15 yrs. I have not seen an abundance of deer. A few,but not so many as I would plan a hunt there.

The area I hunt was the Eaglenest Wilderness, I took The Red Sandstone Road north out of Vail to the Piney River. If you go another 2 miles afte ryou cross the river you run into the Piney Lake Lodge,which is closed now I believe. Right where you cross the river there is a parking lot that boarders on the wilderness boundary.
Take the closed road at that parking lot for 2 miles,then take the trail that cuts off to the left and head twoards Slate Mt
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