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#3235981 - 08/18/09 03:15 AM 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets
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Had occassion today to get my newish Remington 700 VTR in 223 Remington (with the 1 in 9" twisted barrel!) back out to the range today.
You may recall I bought this VTR Remington 700 not aware that it has a barrel with the 1 in 9" twist which is normally better suited for heavier and longer bullets.
My intentions for the Rifle was to have it available for when my Ground Squirrel Hunting partners put away their rimfires and bring out their "centerfires" (this puts the closer Ground Squirrels down from the LOUD report of their centerfires and I just stand around waiting for a new stand where the rimfires can be brought back into action).
Anyway I got a great deal on the VTR and get it home and measure the barrel and the muzzle brake and THEN I make reference in the 2,009 Remington catalog and discover the twist rate that is not so conducive to accuracy with the lighter bullets I wanted to use on the diminutive and prolific Ground Squirrels.
Well I had a "sinking feeling" when this info sunk in!
Oh well I thought I'll give it the old college try.
I mounted a Leupold 3.5x10 VX-III on it and headed for the range with some Federal factory machine gun ammo I had on hand.
It shot that ammo pretty well during initial sight-in, break-in!
Then I tried some handloads that I had on hand for another 223 - this ammo used the wonderful 52 gr. Berger Varmint bullets.
That day I shot two groups (5 shots at 100 yards) which measured .551" and .685" - not bad I thought for a new rig with a 10 power scope and "light bullets".
And that .685" group had four shots in .271".
I was pleased with this performance.
Now 29 days later the wind FINALLY quit for an hour and I headed for my Rifle range with some handloads made with 40 grain Berger bullets and some made with 40 grain Sierra BlitzKings.
I got to fire 10 rounds making two groups there at 100 yards with the 40 grain Bergers and the groups measured .710" and .814". I was somewhat happy with these results.
I looked carefully at the "bullet holes" in my BR style targets and they seemed to be very concentric with no signs of tipping or canting.
Anyway the 1 in 9" twisted barrel didn't do horrible things to these 40 grainers and I may end up using them for my Ground Squirreling?
The wind came up as I was shooting and by the time I got to the Sierra BlitzKing 40 grainers the wind was blowing to hard for real accuracy evaluation.
I'll try again tomorrow.
I do see the accuracy difference in this very small sampling of my handloads.
I'll post if the Sierra 40 grainers are an improvement accuracy wise.
Anyone else trying light bullets in the 1 in 9" twisted 223's?
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#3236074 - 08/18/09 04:10 AM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: VarmintGuy]
acloco Offline
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You will not run into issues with the 40 grain in fast for bullet weight barrels....until you start pushing them in the 3800-4100+ velocity area.

Then, you will find out who makes concentric and thicker jackets.

#3236107 - 08/18/09 04:38 AM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: acloco]
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I would be curious to see how much velocity you lose to the faster twist barrel. How long is the barrel on your VTR? Both of my .223's are 1 in 12 twists and pretty much made for the 40 thru 55 gr bullets. I can push the 40's over 3600 fps in the 26" barrel Remington without too much trouble, and 3500+ is achieveable in the 22" Howaby Vanguard Varmint. Of course, I have no idea if my rifles could even stabilize a 60 gr bullet, much less a 68 gr. I have heard that the 1 in 9" will handle up to the 75 gr Hornady, but curious to know how much you will give up with the lighter bullets.

#3236250 - 08/18/09 11:02 AM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: 2ndtimer]
MichiganScott Offline
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Some high power competitors shoot 52-53gr. bullets in their 1 in 8 or 1 in 7.5 match rifles when shooting 100/200 yard reduced matches. It's all about how smooth the barrel is.
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#3236263 - 08/18/09 11:13 AM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: MichiganScott]
RickyD Offline
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I've used 40 Vmax with 10X and 35 Vmax with X terminator out of my 24" Colt AR with a 1:9 and got great accuracy.
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#3236514 - 08/18/09 02:21 PM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: RickyD]
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I've shot 40's and 50's with my 1:7" with no issues...

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#3236721 - 08/18/09 03:44 PM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: GregW]
Calif. Hunter Offline
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I'm not sure why a faster twist would not work with lighter bullets, unless the RPM and velocity tore up flimsy jackets. Ballistic Tips will not do this. I do not think you can load a .223 hot enough to "shred" a 40 gr BT in any normal barrel. They are designed to withstand high RPMs.

I have had a Savage .223 with a 1 in 9" barrel for at least 15 years and have shot many, many sub-half inch groups with 40 gr V-Maxs, Ballistic Tips and 50 gr Speer TNTs, BTs and V-Maxs.

I just got back from Arizona a couple weeks ago and shot a couple hundred 40 gr BTs with great results for me. Not so great for the prairie dogs, though. wink

#3236939 - 08/18/09 04:54 PM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: Calif. Hunter]
HawkI Offline
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I've ran 30's and 40's from 1-7's and 1-9's with fine accuracy;

I've had 50's mist halfway to the target...

It's all in the jacket/the driving area of the bullet and the condition of the bore.
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#3236980 - 08/18/09 05:16 PM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: HawkI]
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The 50 gr Speer TNT or the Hornady SPX may do that from a .22-250, for example, at higher velocities, but should not have a problem from a .223. I think the reloading info on those bullets specify that they are not intended for verlocities exceeding a certain level.
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#3236996 - 08/18/09 05:23 PM Re: 223 Rem 1 in 9" Twist & 40 grain bullets [Re: Calif. Hunter]
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50 grain TNTs do indeed have a speed limit. 55 grain 'high velocity' TNTs do not.

There's no inherent reason for a 9 twist barrel to have trouble with 40 grainers unless there's a problem with the bullet's construction.

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