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#4344538 - 08/21/10 12:33 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: r08ert209cali]
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I'm like most in that I try to buy American made products where possible, but it's almost impossible to avoid things made in China.

Recently I looked at a triangular case for a veteran's American flag. You guessed it - Made in China. I draw the line at that. My military service was in opposition to Communist China. Like Vince said, I have nothing against the Chinese people. Don't like their government or their policies, but we have to deal with them. Like an elephant in your living room, or maybe a dragon. Just reality.

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#4571998 - 11/06/10 07:46 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Paul39]
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At the ate China is taking our jobs and buying property here we'll soon be providence (territory) of China. Chopsticks anyone?

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"That's what happens when your leaders stop being an American and start being a politician." George S. Patton
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#4731357 - 12/22/10 04:13 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: 338Federal]
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Originally Posted By: 338Federal
Once helped out at a "Friends of NRA" Banquet. All sponsors received some sort of bronze-like statue. Found myself peeling off the embarassing "Made In China" stickers before they were presented to some of the old boys who would have had conniptions. Rightfully so.

ditto....i just peeled'em off during setup

#4757986 - 12/29/10 09:21 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: chapped_lips]
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I work in the apparel industry and when we offer customer "USA Made" items they usually buy things made overseas because of the price difference. Sadly the majority of Americans let their wallet decide where their loyalty lays.
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#4758483 - 12/29/10 11:38 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Skullworks]
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I'm more concerned that they support Harry Reid than China. At least China isn't a wolf in sheeps clothing, they're just a wolf.

#4768577 - 01/01/11 03:44 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Skullworks]
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Originally Posted By: Skullworks
I work in the apparel industry and when we offer customer "USA Made" items they usually buy things made overseas because of the price difference. Sadly the majority of Americans let their wallet decide where their loyalty lays.

Ditto that. I worked in the apparel industry for 24 years, and we actually tested the same products made in USA vs. imported. Same margin, but of course the USA goods cost us more so they had to be priced higher. The imported products at a lower price always beat the USA products. When it comes to shopping, people (even members of manufacturing unions) virtually always vote with their dollars for foreign goods.

Short story: I was once at a gun show working behind a table, and a guy came along wearing a jacket that had "USS Ronald Reagan" embroidered on it. He asked me if the product I was selling was made in USA because "I don't buy anything not made in USA."

Me: "That's great! And yes, this is made in USA down in South Carolina. I've been there and watched it being made." Then I said, "Nice jacket! Is that made in USA?"

Him: "Yes, I bought this at the gift shop on the ship after having a tour on the ship."

Me: "Mind if I take a look at the label?" I knew it wasn't made in USA.

Him: "No." And he took his jacket off and handed it to me.

Me: "Here's the label. Don't get mad, but it says 'Made in Bangladesh'."

Him: Stunned look.

Me: "I'm sorry, but I can tell you that the companies that manufacture clothing in the United States are very small and can't compete with foreign manufacturers. And I can tell you that if your jacket had been made in the USA, it would have cost much more than you paid. I can also tell you that the underwear you're wearing was made in Canada, but I don't want to look at it. Almost all men's underwear sold in the United States is made in Canada."

The textile and apparel industries are almost gone from the United States. And, virtually every apparel company is having their clothing made in the same overseas factories, so that very little distinguishes one brand from another these days.

Sad, but true.

Why has this happened? It boils down to the cost of labor and raw materials. Every third world nation, when it begins to participate in the world economy, begins in the textile and clothing industry. Low wages means low retail pricing. Simple, repetitive tasks means good quality (when inspected by the buyer under threat of rejection.) When the quality is inferior, it's because the buyer accepts it.


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#4900452 - 02/04/11 10:01 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Everyday Hunter]
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Unfortunately, most people would not buy the membership if they had to put the cost of an American made product in the price. I think they did try to get at least one American made product in the Buck knife in their latest promotion.

Having a little experience in the "free gift" industry, I know it is hard to find someone who even makes most of the stuff stateside, let alone at less than 8-10 times the price. Whenever I have someone complain, I told them I would love to buy from an American made supplier, if they know of one who produces this product, please let me know. I never, not once, had anyone come back to give me a name. It is sad, but it is the way it is...

#5175928 - 04/24/11 01:46 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: r08ert209cali]
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We live in a free-amrket global economy today.

#5197207 - 05/01/11 03:49 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: djs]
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The NRA is an organization that needs funding. Organizations always turn corrupt when they are run by people that live on that organization. They will tell you whatever you want to hear and make a living by whatever means necessary. They are parasites to an organization/organism. If you are looking for a pure organization, then look to an organization that is lead by volunteers of real believers that make their living in other ways. Sadly, this does not exist. If it does then let me know. The NRA has done much worse than support China and it is run by a lot of career blood sucking politicians that lobby in the name of gun rights and will/have sell out for monetary gain. When the monetary gain or donations of constituents is outweighed by the adversary, things change. Compromises are made on behalf of selfish endeavours. It is open for corruption. the greed of man knows no bounds and your trust in such and organization such as the NRA is foolish, as they have no real checks and balances. They can simply play both sides and gain money from both. I doubt very seriously that a real principle based moral constitutionalists could go to far in their ranks. They talk out of both sides of their mouths. Like most organizations, they start out good, and end up as professional politicians/lawyers and lobbyists.

#5244181 - 05/17/11 01:59 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: r08ert209cali]
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I was sent a pocket knife from the NRA but it too was made in CHINA! I phoned them and got the run-around about the China issue. So I am now supporting groups that support hunters and who do want to keep the United States Of America just that by golly.
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