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#5113729 - 04/04/11 Best scope power for 17 HMR?
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I have no shortage of scopes, but on these little 17 HMRs, what power are you gents finding as accomodating the cartridge the best?

I have a Ruger 77/17 with a 6 x 24 Weaver on top, and must admit, it is over kill... have a 5 x 20 Tasco on top of a Marlin, but that is also overkill..the final one is an NEF with a 3 x 9 Tasco World Class robbed off a rifle I got rid of, and the scope needed a quick home...

Have various power 4 x 14s and 4 x 16s ranges available also...
plus multiple Leupold 6 x and 3 x 9s...

I just don't shoot this round enough, however getting inventory together for varmint season, I have found I have accumulated about 1000 rounds of ammo... you know how it is.. it is on sale for $10 a box, so you pick up one or two..and then never get around to shooting it..

so I thought I would open it up to the floor and get the input of those that actually get out and shoot theirs...
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#5113816 - 04/04/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: Seafire]
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I plan on picking up a 17 HMR sometime in the near future, and also planning on picking up one of the new Redfield Revolution scopes in 4-12X power. Should work pretty well on gophers out to 200 yards, and won't cost an arm and a leg.

#5114031 - 04/04/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: 2ndtimer]
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I really like the old Leuopold VariX III 3.5-10 with OA that someone put 3 dots in years ago. It matches the hummer trajectory with the plex cross hair at 100 yards, first dot at 150, second at 200 and third at 250! Just pure luck that it turned out. I never want for more scope and shoot the hummer a lot at prairie dogs. I've run a 3-9, 4-12, and 4.5-14 in Leupold and they worked well too, but my favorite is the 3.5-10. My brother likes his Burris 3-9 ballistic plex on his.

#5114928 - 04/04/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: Kurt52]
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I have a vortex crossfire 4-12X40........just about right......

#5115639 - 04/04/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: Seafire]
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I have a Pentex Gameseeker 4-12x40 with the "Christmas Tree" reticle on a heavy barrel Savage 93R17BVSS. No trick to hit pop cans at 300 yards, if the wind isn't blowing.


#5116218 - 04/04/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: 260Remguy]
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I have a vortex viper 4x12 on mine works great for p-dogs. I like Kurt52's idea of a 3.5x10 with dots but I don't need the A/O.

#5116559 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: boatammo]
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I would just put the one you mentioned, the 3x9. That will give
you all the range you need.

#5116641 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: Farmboy1]
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I think a 4-14x or a 4-16 is about right.
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#5117116 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: Seafire]
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I've got a Weaver 2-10 on mine.
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#5117379 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: antlers]
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Weaver V16

Specifications for Weaver V-16 4-16x42 mm Matte Black Hunting Rifle Scope:Magnification Power, Objective: 4-16x42mm AO
Exit Pupil (in millimeters): 10.5-2.63
Field of View (feet @ 1600 yds): 24.4-6.98
Eye Relief (inches): 3.13-3
Overall Length (inches): 14
Weight (ounces): 1lb .75oz
Finish: Matte Black
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#5117393 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: US_Patriot]
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As horrible as it sounds, my buddy, has a BSA "Sweet 17" on his Marlin bolt 17 HMR with the trigger upgrade, and it works just fine, even the range compensating turret is dead on.
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#5117500 - 04/05/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: tupolevtu95]
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A 3X9 would be a perfect scope. And you can probably get the best deals on better quality 3X9's than any other size. I just bought one of the Leupold 3X9 EFR's for $350. That is a great scope for a good price. And I really like the EFR scopes. Tom.
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#5127133 - 04/08/11 Re: Best scope power for 17 HMR? [Re: HOGGHEAD]
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Burris FFII with ballistic plex in 3-9


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