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#5725846 - 10/19/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: KuduBull]
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Originally Posted By: KuduBull
I have a 280 in a McMillan that shots awesome.

I have a McMillan waiting for just that action.
Originally Posted By: ingwe
This is a shooting forum, there is no place here for logic.

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#5725875 - 10/19/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: KDK]
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I had my gunsmith, Kevin Weaver do a few mods to mine.

Sako extractor. The stock extractor was too large and would barely allow a Rem factory round to be chambered. It feeds and extracts like butter now, extraction is greatly improved.

Bolt handle welded on. Just in case you know.

Heavier stainless firing pin and heavier spring. Primer's weren't being dented quite enough for my taste in a DG rifle until this fix was put in.

Rechambered to 375 Weatherby. Just always wanted one.

I got a very good deal on the rifle new, so all totaled not including scope, I have about $1000 in the rifle and I'm very comfortable relying on it when things get a bit tense in the bush.

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#5725981 - 10/19/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: colorado]
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You guys are making me want one now! I saw a few down at the local sporting goods store I'll have to check out.
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#5863032 - 11/30/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: Calvin]
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Nice looking rifles for sure. I would buy one if they would offer it in a lefty version. They made the XCR in a lefty version for just a short period of time and I sat on my butt and let them slip away. Just about the time I talked myself into trying a left hand bolt gun they were gone. However I do have a 30.06 and 7 MAG in the XCR right hand version. They are workhorse rifles that will take any weather you encounter. I would think the XCR II would be just as good.

#5863591 - 11/30/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: toad]
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Toad, what is the bottom metal on that?

#5863788 - 11/30/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: MontanaMan]
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Originally Posted By: MontanaMan
Well, whatever you say - your gun, your scale.......but that 375 barrel is heavier than what's on a standard mag on an XCR, which I have handled & those just don't weigh 6 3/8 lb..........that what my KS weighs & XCR's have heavier barrels than KS's do & weigh more.

So something just doesn't add up.


My XCR .270 WSM with a 6X Leupold and weaver mounts was a hair over 7 pounds all ya...they aint no 7 3/8 pounds....
Originally Posted By: Take_a_knee

If I were smart enough, which apparently I'm not

#5864545 - 11/30/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: gorskij]
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I had one in 375H&H. Fed, extracted & shot MOA with 3. 7.9lbs with 2.5-8x36 vx3, Talley UL & 4 rounds.
I pulled off a good head shot(deer on the run) whilst stalking with this gun. The best part, my son was present. Don't think I could do it again(grin).
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#5870745 - 12/02/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: M12]
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If only they came in 35 Whelen!

#5870858 - 12/02/11 Re: Remington 700 XCR11 [Re: learning]
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Originally Posted By: learning
Toad, what is the bottom metal on that?

alloy Badger Ordinance M4. kind of expensive, and the inlet needs a little work, but they are a huge step up from the factory bottom metal.
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