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#6158132 - 02/10/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: kunas]
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They both will leak eventually but the Danners take longer. When doing a lot of late season hunting I use two sets of boots and a good boot dryer. Danner boots like the Rain Forest have a stitch down sole that will last longer as far as water proofing goes but what I have learned is that you are going to get wet it is just how fast you can dry out that is the issue.
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#6161332 - 02/11/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: elkhunter130]
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I have had decent luck with a pair of the Irish Setters (#878). They were really good until their third year, this fall, when they started to leak after two days of rain and wet grass. I like the fit and support. And they have held up well other than the leaking. I used them in archery season in Colorado.

#6161534 - 02/11/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: 2Below]
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I've got a pair of Irish setter's {forget the model but it had "whitetail" in the name} and a pair of Danner pronghorns right now. The Irish setters have been far superior in every way. Both have been worn for about 5 seasons now. The Pronghorns haven't been waterproof since the middle of the second season. The Irish Setters still are, plus they've always been more comfortable. The bob sole on the Setters provide far better traction than the hard compound soles on the Pronghorns too. You have to be careful about stepping on wet rocks or logs with those damned Pronghorns or you'll break your neck. About the best thing I can say about the Pronghorns is that they're lighter than the Setters.

#6161835 - 02/11/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Blackheart]
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Of the Danners, get those made in USA. They are the ones significantly higher priced, rebuildable. I like the Danner Hood Winter Lights and Canadians.

Here's a link to the Canadians. They are well made, good support, feel great on my feet.

#6163699 - 02/12/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: GF1]
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That is some of the best boot fitting advice I have ever seen written! Guys reading this should take heed. There is real experience talking here. The insole thing is very real and sure can affect fit a lot. I have inserts, so have to try anything on with those. They are not paper thin and the fit sure does change with those in the boot.

Toddm - what boots are you wearing now? I am desperate to find some wide-friendly boots, and am almost barefoot because what I have now are disintegrating. Need both light duty hikers and hard duty elk country boots, but prefer not too high 7-8" height due to calf size. Any recommendations?


#6163887 - 02/12/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Diyelker]
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I bought a pair of Elk trackers this past year in 600mg, wore them Deer season. Liked them so much I bought a second set in 1000mg for Elk season. Elk to Antelope these are far the best boots i have used.

#6167631 - 02/13/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: WyoXJ]
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Since Ron is my buddy I'll ask this question coupled with this one. How much insulation do you really need? We will be covering a lot of ground, hills and mountains. Just making sure we don't buy super HOT boots and pay the price later.

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#6176522 - 02/15/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: addicted]
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I have both Irish setter and danners,I just got a pair of the Cabelas lightweight hunters by Meindl they are by far the most comfy lightweight boots I have ever had on my feet !! even better than my Hanwag hikers !

#6176661 - 02/15/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: kunas]
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My Redwing (Redwing - the maker of IrishSetters) boots are falling apart and their customer service guy "Matt" told me I should just buy a new pair.
I paid twice as much to buy the American Made redwings and would have been much happier with two pair of imported boots for the same price. That said I am rather happy with my Danner boots, they're military style/type boots.
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#6177211 - 02/15/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: RichardAustin]
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I've had several pairs of both Irish Setter and Danners, so I'd have to say neither. Meindl or Lowa is what I wear now; threw the Irish Setters and Danners out after the first trip in the Meindls and Lowas and haven't ever regretted it. In fact, I just keep liking them better. Wore the Meindls ice fishing a couple weeks ago in single digit weather, as we had about a mile and a half walk on the ice to the fishing spot. I took a pair of pack boots to change into, but never did - my feet didn't get cold on the ice all day, and they were the Meindl Alaska Hunters with only 200 grams of insulation. They're even quiet enough to stalk in while archery elk hunting.

#6177283 - 02/15/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: kcnboise]
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I used Danners for work and the soles are so soft they wore down quickly from walking around which I didn't do a whole lot of, you can send them back to Danner to replace the soles but at the cost of it I was not impressed and wasn't planning on buying Danners again.

#6193926 - 02/19/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Esox357]
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The Danner Bob tread pattern does wear very quickly in rocky terrain, but is superb traction and very quiet.

The more traditional Vibram pattern, such as that found on the Danner Hood Winter Light, is really tough and I've yet to wear out the soles in the western chukar canyon country.

#6193984 - 02/19/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: GF1]
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I'm sold on the Irish Setter Elk Trackers w/ 200 grams of thinsulate. They are never too hot and if I need more insulation, I usually have a couple of pairs of socks in my day pack. The Elk Trackers open up nicely for the additional bulky socks, so my feet don't get cramped.

Danners on the other hand, have just never fit me well and didn't feel go with extra bulky socks, but I haven't bought any of then in at least 10 years and probably won't be in the market for boots again for another 10.
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#6195018 - 02/19/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Allen917]
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My vote is for Danner. I currently own 2 pairs. A pair of Danner Light II for everyday wear/light hiking and a pair of Hood Winter Light for hunting. Used the Danner Light II for turkey, elk and birds this year and they held up really well. Bought the Hood's when I realized some extra insulation would be nice.

They are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have worn ever. At 6'2" and 250 I usually have the midsoles of lesser boots compacted within 6 months of wear which makes for very sore feet after any amount of walking. The Danner's are still going strong a year later.

The vibram soles are a bit soft and asphalt will wear them down faster than dirt but that is a true with most boots. If you want harder soles look at thier work boots. Same cost but harder soles and more abrasion resistant leather. Just be warned that in cold temps those harder soles will give you less traction as the rubber tends to get rather hard.

Whatever route you go make sure you get a good brand of leather conditioner (I use the Danner stuff) to aid break-in and keep the leather from cracking. Putting $300 towards quality boots is really stupid if you aren't going to take proper care of them.

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#6195790 - 02/20/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Alectoris]
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The Danners (U.S. made) have always fit for me, and I'm lazy and wear only one sock (per foot of course).

Here is what I use to keep them going:

#6197921 - 02/20/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: GF1]
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i have a pair of danners that are three mounths old and the sole is coming off second pair in two years so im really starting to hate them

#6198050 - 02/20/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: fredIII]
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Originally Posted By: fredIII
i have a pair of danners that are three mounths old and the sole is coming off second pair in two years so im really starting to hate them

Made where? Recommend call to Danner customer service, they will bend over backwards to help, in my experience.

#6346724 - 03/29/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: kunas]
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I've never worn danners or Irish setters but I did a lot of research on boots prior to buying. I eneded up going with Lowas. I've never worn a more comfortable boot ever. My last elk hunt was in a wilderness area that involved 7 miles of hiking a day, some of it moderately steep. They were very supportive of my ankles. I couldn't recommend them more. I've worn them second season Colorado and they were warm enough, and gore-tex lined. The only issue I had was sweating in them... and getting them dry by the next AM. For this reason I had a second pair of boots as a back-up for those AM's when they weren't quite dry.

#6350947 - 03/30/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: darcytribe]
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Irish setters for me - last I really needed them, I was handing my warmers out to the danner and kenetrek crowd all day while my feet were dry and warm - and blister free after a full week of climbing around the Bitteroots.

#6351403 - 03/30/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: bpas105]
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Ive seen an increasing amount of complaints with Danners. (Especially ProngHorns) I have 2 sets of Irish Setters. Very rugged, comfortable, dry and warm. Get some good merino wool socks, too. Great boots and chitty socks are pointless!

#6354315 - 03/31/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Pahntr760]
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Been wearing Elk Irish Setter Trackers for a long time. I usually get 5 or 6 years, then re-sole. One Hell of a boot for the money. mtmuley

#6354342 - 03/31/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: mtmuley]
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Don't know about the new Danners, but I have two pairs (insulated and uninsulated) of Pronghorns that are still going strong after several years. I hope they haven't messed up a good thing.
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#6354451 - 03/31/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: Kentucky_Windage]
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I have 5 pair of Danners in various models. Haven't had a bit of problem with them and the oldest pair is 10 years old and well worn. Am replacing them with my newest pair of Pronghorns, they don't feel as broken in initially as the other pairs of ph were but are ok. I have worn them in steep stuff, flat land, and in between and other than needing a 1/2 size longer boot due to big toe problems they have never failed me. Never had any Irish Setters but wore Redwings for years at work with steel toes and they were great boots also.

#6355463 - 03/31/12 Re: danners or irish setters [Re: 24mileboy]
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