DMCA Compliance, Inc., operates under the “safe harbor” provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). The owner of,, Inc., is registered with the United States Copyright Office, Registration Number DMCA-1025979. If you believe that material appearing on infringes on your copyright, please file a Takedown Notice pursuant to the DMCA. The following establishes the requirements for filing a Takedown Notice or complaint, how to serve notice properly, and what actions, Inc. will take pursuant to the DMCA and in response to any such notices.

DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure

Please send notice of alleged copyright infringement on to: DMCA Complaints DMCA Designated Agent PO Box 872 Montrose, CA 91021 626-627-6362 You may also email: [email protected] NOTE: The DMCA requires a formal written complaint.

Satisfying DMCA Notice Requirements

Complaints must contain all of the following in order to be acted upon pursuant to the DMCA.

  • The name, address, and electronic (or actual) signature of the complaining party [512(c)(3)(A)(i)]
  • The infringing material and its specific location using a reference link or other information sufficient to locate the materials in specificity.
  • Sufficient information to identify, with certainty, the alleged infringing works [512(c)(3)(A)(iv)]
  • A statement by the owner of the Copyright of a good faith belief that there is no legal basis for the use of the materials complained of [512(c)(3)(A)(v)]
  • A statement of the accuracy of the notice and, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner [512(c)(3)(A)(vi)]

Takedown Procedures

Once proper and complete notice is given pursuant to DMCA provisions,, Inc., will, among other things, act expeditiously to remove and/or disable access to the material in question. In addition, the user who posted the material will be notified.

Counter Notification Procedures

A user who has material disabled or removed and believes that this material is in fact covered by the fair use doctrine or is otherwise not in violation of copyright, may serve a Counter Notification. Pursuant to the DMCA, a proper Counter Notification must provide the following:

  • The poster's name, address, phone number, and physical or electronic signature [512(g)(3)(A)]
  • Identification of the material and its location before removal [512(g)(3)(B)]
  • A statement under penalty of perjury that the material was removed in error or by misidentification [512(g)(3)(C)]
  • Consent to federal court jurisdiction for adjudication of the matter, or if overseas, to an appropriate judicial body. [512(g)(3)(D)]
This Counter Notification will be expeditiously forwarded to the complaining party by, Inc.

Privacy Provisions

Section 512(h) of the DMCA makes provisions for the subpoena of a user’s identifying information by the party alleging infringement. It is 24hourcampfire’s policy to charge all subpoeaning parties the statutory and/or lawfully-allowed research and document production fee. Please be aware that 24hourcampfire’s forums operate free of charge to the end user. As such, there may be very little account information available. It is quite possible that the only evidence of a user’s identity will be the IP address(es) from which the user accessed the forum and their registered email address.

DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy

Pursuant to the provisions of the DCMA,, Inc. reserves the right, in appropriate circumstances, to terminate the account of a party determined to be a repeat infringer.

False Claims

Making false claims under the DMCA in Takedown Notices or Counter Notifications will subject the violator to liability for all damages, fees, and costs, including attorneys’ fees incurred by the damaged party.