I was invited to complete an even dozen anglers on a houseboat trip out of Wahweap Marina on Lake Powell this past week. We moored up in Last Chance Canyon and fished out of five boats in all directions from there. Fishing was fast but the fish were all small. Largest smallmouth went a bit over two pounds, ditto the stripers, but one largie just under five pounds was recorded. Most smallies ran in the 10 to 14" range. We dined on ceviche and one huge fish fry as a result (smallies are delicious). In all, seven species were landed - including one monster gizzard shad.

Weather was predicted to be sunny and 80°. Weather experienced was 60° and big T-storms, including a waterspout.

The killer rig was the Ned, in almost any color, simply slow-rolled back to the boat. Cranks and most other lures were a bust (and I tried them all). A simple jig and grub or the Ned were the ticket. 10# spinning gear was all anyone used. Rubble shores and ledges held fish, slick rock not as much.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.