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Hunter's Campfire
39 seconds ago
[Linked Image from media.patriots.win]...
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Hunter's Campfire
14 minutes ago
Originally Posted by SandBilly
Every snatch is worth 5 dollars or less when I’m through with it, ask your mother.

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Hunting Rifles
22 minutes ago
For quite awhile non tactical hunting rifles were easy to obtain and not in extreme demand. But currently theres absoluteky nothing for sale, it seems little in the way of new production and ever its all expensive. Id like to know why theres such a demand on our "Fudd" rifles that were once everywhere and much more available. Why are hunting rifles suddenly in demand unlike 5-10 yrs ago?

Just wondering. Ive been trying to find some new left hand bolt guns but thats like finding a new element that doesnt yet exist. It just seems shocking to me that sporting hunting rifles are so hard to come by....
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Ask The Gunwriters
25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by dingo

I used 140gn Nosler Accubonds & RL19 in my Ruger M77 .280Rem. No complaints here.

Same here. Though mine's a Remington....
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34 minutes ago
Burnt the holy hell out of my face hunting bears on snowmachines. Had a half a lifetime worth of fun, but no bears yet....
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Hunting Trucks and Four-Wheel Drives
36 minutes ago
Swap in a Cummins...
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Turkey Hunting
37 minutes ago
Correction, Carlsons is marked, .555...
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Hunter's Campfire
38 minutes ago
Originally Posted by MOGC
For some reason people seem to get excited about the National Guard being called out for events like this and I wonder why since the NG isn't allowed ammo for any weapons they might have.

My oldest Son is in the Guard and was on patrol in Minneapolis during last summer's riots. While his rifle was unloaded, he was issued two loaded 30 round magazines while on patrol in the event of any shooting....
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40 minutes ago
Originally Posted by stxhunter
Originally Posted by fishguts
16/0 penn on unlimited class fenwick. hope to gtet one on this summer[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]

Had one almost striped on bob hall pier back in 02, probably giant greater hammer. I was using a 35lb jack for bait. 18/0 hooks straightened out. Wish I still had the reel and rod, but those 16/0 bring good money from collectors. reels nowadays have much better drags.

Had a 16/0 myself back in the day. Just wasn't running i to enough fish big enough to keep bull-dogging that big a rig.

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Big Game Rifles
45 minutes ago
I worked some loads for my Model Seven 300 SAUM (22" barrel) in March using some blem 150 gr. Nosler E-Tips and Superformance. I interpolated data from the 300 WSM, which has listed data w/ Superformance. Using REM brass & Fed215 primers, I went as high as 72.5 gr., reaching 3286 fps but had a little too much bolt stiff lift & primer flattening (the temp was ~75-80*F). I backed off 1.5 gr. to 71.0 gr. @ 3213 fps. My COAL was 2.800" (max for the magazine) which still gives me a 0.110" jump in this long leade chamber (factory). I shot this on a recent cooler day (upper 40's) and got 3156 fps from a cold barrel & ammo. Superformance seems to give the highest velocities with the midrange bullets weights compared to other powders for this cartridge, so I'm happy with it. And Hornady says that it is reasonably temperature stable. Not having any luck w/ the E-Tips accuracy wise though; 2-2.5+" three shot groups @ 100 yd. as good as it gets. I plan on switching to Barnes TTSX in the 130 & 150 gr. when I can find them! I haven't found this Model 7 (or another in 260Rem) to be capable of MOA accuracy; rather 1.5-2+" three shot groups @ 100 yd. frown
I've also used the Barnes 175 gr. LRX w/ 61.0 gr. of Reloader 17, Fed 215, COAL 2.80", reaching ~2964 fps. & ~1.75" 3 shot 100 yd. groups.
Hope this helps! -Mark & Belle...
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Hunter's Campfire
51 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RickyD
Originally Posted by Pharmseller
Burn, baby, burn.No one I care about lives in a big city.
I have a pregnant daughter with her family in Minneapolis and a son and his wife in Portland. And 2 100 round magazines if anything happens to them.
Well they need to come to Iowa and STAY there. After they are dead those 100 round magazines won't bring them back. ...
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Custom Rifles & Wildcats
54 minutes ago
Saw that the other day. Just a bit too rich for me....
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Express Rifles and Big Bores Only
55 minutes ago
Originally Posted by gunner500
Good stuff Sir Ron, hope those missiles i sent weren't too long, they did punch nice round holes, getting good hunting accuracy while shooting dirty is half the fun.

Shooting dirty ! I like that ! Thanks again for the donated bullets.
The Greasers are not too long, just need to be indexed, right ?
After I do the full-bore paper-patched in Goldie Pedersoli-Ruger with BP again,
I have a desire to do a smokeless load for 250-gr Monoflex from Hornady ......
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Hunting Rifles
58 minutes ago
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Air Guns
59 minutes ago
Have long enjoyed the annual return of the violet-green and barn swallows. Last year, the English sparrows took over all of their historic nests. Tacked some screen over the nest holes last fall until after the VG swallows showed up a couple weeks ago but those persistent sparrows low-holed them. After a couple days of sparrow population control with my faithful old FWB 124D saddled with an SWFA 10X, the VG's are now moved back into their rightful places. Barn swallows shouldn't have any problems either when they arrive soon.

Use to only perforate starlings but sparrows are now on the same list.......
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Hunter's Campfire
59 minutes ago
I got a nice email today from Wayne entitled Exclusive Thank-You Gift for Life Members. What a let down it was when I opened it. For $50 I could get a knife or for $100 they would send a jacket (worth $89). I thought the root word for gift was give, as in free. Oh well....
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1 hour ago
I could be wrong, but didn't bis daughter come on here and offer to sell dvds a while back?...
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Hunter's Campfire
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Jim_Conrad
Well...it is a desert after all.

Weird how they are always surprised....
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Free Classifieds
1 hour ago
And bad thing about this forum is no one posts a pic!!...
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Hunter's Campfire
1 hour ago
I guess the Hunters Campfire chapter of the He Man, Women Haters Club is in session....
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by PJGunner
Originally Posted by ryoushi
Originally Posted by PJGunner
Originally Posted by lapua6547
[Linked Image from imagizer.imageshack.com]

Paul B.

Dang it...plz practice the R-n-R protocol if you would, good sir.

I always do. It's the the gentlemanly thing to don't you know.
Paul B.

Much appreciated! This gal haunts my dreams... laugh...
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Free Classifieds
1 hour ago
REDUCED TO $40.00 shipped.... this is a 1" Medium Ht. for short action/WSM action model 70 Winchesters, New models.
DNZ Model #20600...
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Hunter's Campfire
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by JeffA

I also find a huge difference between coastal Alaskan Brown Bears and the Grizzlies in Montana.

Alaska's Brown Bears are most often chilled, laid back and could give a schit about your presents.
Montana's Grizzlies on the other hand are seemingly always pizzed off and looking for a fight if you get within a 100 yards of them.

Food source is probably the difference, Alaska's Coastal bears are fat and full of the endless supply of spawning Salmon while Montana's bears spend their days scratching for huckleberries in attempt to get their bellies full.

Whatever the true reason be, Montana's Grizzlies just seem to have a bad attitude all the time.

This aligns with my experience. I, along with several biologists I have talked to have always guessed it was the amount of food (or lack thereof), but for whatever reason MT/WY/ID grizzlies and I presume those in southern interior Canada are way more aggressive than coastal brown bears, and even interior Alaska grizzlies.

I wouldn't go kick a coastal bear in the nuts or anything, but they're not in the same league as the lower 48 mountain bears when it comes to aggressiveness....
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1 hour ago
No , it doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’. 🤔

Don’t let facts get in the way, no use changing direction now 😂

Evidence out of UK and Israel indicate that without the 2nd shot in the time frame recommended ( 21 days for Pfizer , 28 for Moderna) ‘benefits’ drop of pretty steadily and quickly.

In the case of cancer patients the results were very consistent ( lack of immunity I would hassard a guess)

So even if the vaccines work, they DON’T the way Canada is disbursing them ( except North of 60). ‘Follow the science ‘ we are told ....
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Free Classifieds
1 hour ago

Sent you a PM

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