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Re: THECONSERVATIVETREEHOUSE.something smokepole 50 seconds ago
I'm reserving judgment until I can see what TGP says I should think.
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Re: Favorite Quotes savage24 1 minute ago
“You cannot reason someone out of something they were never reasoned into.”

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition but certainty is absurd.”
- Voltaire

“Having once been in love is to be always in love.”
-Eugene Field
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Re: WTF smokepole 2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Valsdad
Originally Posted by stxhunter
Looks like a spotted gar.
That's what I was thinking.

Yeah I spotted the gar too. You can see it if you look real close.
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Re: Kinda makes my nipples hard............. las 3 minutes ago
Looks dry. I could use some dry about now .... want some rain? smile

Gorgeous country, there. I especially like the water eroded rocks.
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Re: Experimented Today DMc 5 minutes ago
Well now we know! I like this guys logic!
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Re: THE HORN NEWS- Shakira can shake her ass in jail Valsdad 7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by ironbender
Originally Posted by Valsdad
Originally Posted by Valsdad
Originally Posted by ironbender
Originally Posted by LeakyWaders
Originally Posted by slumlord
Nudes are available too
Waiting on the don't click while wife is around link...
Easy Peasy

Dare a fella be brave and open that one?

Methink restraint of mouse clicks is in order now.
Well, after looking at the actual link instead of just "Easy Peasy" I decided to check it out.

Not bad but I'm an azz man and would prefer she let that hang out at some swanky event for the papparazzi to get pics of.
All ya need is the proper search terms.


You sayin' pics of that naked heinie is out there somewhere in internet land? No thong or nuthin?
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Re: WTS. 6.5 partitions hanco 9 minutes ago
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Re: Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 Disabled by apparent Sabotage JohnBurns 11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Burleyboy
Many could have done. Some had the motive to do it and one said he would do it. The simplest answer is most often correct. Biden did it. He's got such a hard on for Poohtin you'll think Poohtin was a 10 year old girl. He probably sniff poohtin too if given the chance.


Well Biden is dumb enough but how does that hurt Putty?

Those pipelines were static and had very little chance of ever again producing revenue for Putty Boi.

Maybe with a change of regime in Russia Europe would agree to buy Russian gas but man that's a long shot, Putty Boi has a pretty good hold on power.

I think Putin is much smarter than Biden and saw a way to lay blame on the USA while giving up nothing.

But I could be wrong, lots of players.

Heck Sweden, Finnland, and Denmark would love to see Germany totally of Russian gas and they all have good access to the Baltic.

Poland is laughing at Germany right now.

Lots of players.
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Re: Henry Kissinger….umm Valsdad 11 minutes ago
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Re: Word Association Thread 9Legend 14 minutes ago
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Re: FS- MDM BUCKWACKA 50. Cal Break Action Muzzleloader nuguy 15 minutes ago
BUMP… PRICE $200.00 shipped.
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Re: She Shot a Husky las 17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Beaver10
Originally Posted by efw
Who cares.

Several miles into a wilderness area?

It isn’t the fault of the shooter and I’m pretty disappointed in people here who have suggested it is.

Whoever let their dog roam that way is the responsible party. If someone just let a dozen dogs loose back there they need to have their butt in a sling socially and legally not the shooter.

I mighta held out for a bigger dog in the pack to shoot.



Oh, hell no. Take what you can get!

Years ago I and my Lab were surrounded and shadowed by a pack of wolves. The one that came out on the trail 30-40 yards ahead and did the classic canine "come play with me" to my Lab turned out to be a 9 month old female pup.

The pelt looks just fine on my wall.... but I won't ever walk up another that I've shot- if I ever do - until it is thouroughly dead.

The bit about "watching the green fire die in the eyes" (Aldo Leopold), still haunts me. Just a little. Won't stop me from shooting another, tho.

Or truely feral dogs either.
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Re: Its meme time 5sdad 18 minutes ago
Now appearing on a screen near me!
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Re: George Wins ... Valsdad 19 minutes ago
Good stuff Mr Bin,

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Re: Kimber Hunter - 270 rockdoc 21 minutes ago
AKduck did you notice any increase in noise through stock?

How is the balance?

Thinking of doing that to my 6.5CM Hunter.
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Matt Gaetz Vs RINO’s and GOP Elites steve4102 30 minutes ago
Representative Matt Gaetz (FL) said today that RINO’s are already planning business as usual after November wins.


Let me take you into the room, to the meetings that Republican lawmakers currently encounter. Recently there was a gathering of top Republican Committee Chairs, ranking members…incoming. And when they did Q & A with the lobbyist and donors that were gathered to support the Republican Party, the questions were things like:

Are were going to pass the farm bill again?

Are we going to work with Democrats so we don’t have to go through the pains of a government shutdowns.

Are we going to get back to regular order, not punishing people by removing them from committees.

This is what permanent Washington is telling your State representatives right now. They want to go back to those days. Even when I talk to my current Republican colleagues, there are many that not only oppose any impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. They believe that an impeachment inquiry into someone like Mayorkis, who is purposefully turning our border into a turnstile, even that is something they wouldn’t support.

There are current members in the Republican majority, who will be in the next Congress, who are arguing very very fervently that they will oppose the use of Impeachment in any context, for any official in the Biden administration
. I believe they totally misunderstand the mandate the American people are giving us. The American people see that these folks (Democrats) are destroying this country on purpose. (We want them removed).

The Democrats moved the overton window on impeachment, not Republicans. If we don’t use the same tools. If we don’t engage in impeachment inquiries to get the documents, and testimony, and information we need. Then I believe our voters will feel betrayed. And that could be the biggest win the Democrats could hope for in 2024 when it really matters to integrate our policies.

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Re: 300 Remington ultra mag dies and 30 cal Bergers Troutnut 37 minutes ago
Bergers SPF to Bella
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Re: Spider wire? Ranger99 38 minutes ago
Just call me an elderly monofilament user.
I used some spider wire (?) some years ago
and didn't like the way it cut into itself on
the reel spool. I also especially didn't like the
way it would deeply cut into my hand if I
grabbed the line. Just went back to monofilament
after I used up the last of the braid.
Never really had a problem with the monofilament
I used in the first place.
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Re: Early "October surprise" for Minnesota democrats steve4102 41 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Osky
Originally Posted by steve4102
Originally Posted by SupFoo
Originally Posted by org_Rogue_Hunter
This could bring down most of the Democratic party in Minnesota.

Naw. Trunk load after trunk load of completed ballots will mysteriously appear at closing time across the Iron Range towns. They will all win by a slim margins. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Well almost the winner. Trunk loads of pre completed ballots are used statewide by the Dems, no longer just a northern thing. The only thing more rare than a white moose in northern Minnesota last election was a Biden sign yet he swept the vote.
As for Ellison the wife/girlfriend beater, the most work he does is lifting the corner of the rug under which things are swept.

Let’s not forget, Omar and her “people” were caught red handed engaging in Illegal ballot harvesting and …., yet for some strange reason AG Ellison did nothing, hmmmm.
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Re: Rapper BFG Straap- Dallas TX Ranger99 46 minutes ago
6 and a half miles away.
Not really surprised at all
Had a gang fight and multiple shootings
about 3/4 of a mile to the southeast at
what was the old Gibson's department store
while some of the norwegians were shooting
a rap video. An off duty DPD officer shot some
yoot at a park about the halfway point when
some of the yoots were having a scrap in
which the officer's daughter was involved in.
Everyday goings on here in dah hood.
Ho hum
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Re: Model 27 or 586? Mr_Harry 55 minutes ago
Originally Posted by LeakyWaders
Thanks for all the input guys and gals and transguys and transgirls or whatever I'm supposed to say nowadays...

My dealer can't get the new 27 so I got a freaking model 629! With the Hillary Hole that I can dabble about with if desperate...

It's basically an N frame 686 in 44 mag.

I'll still be on the look out locally for 38/44's and model 27's and really all things N frame. I just like them.

Here's a pic of the new one (I posted another pic of it before going to the range on the general forum earlier).

Just plinking some steel. I had fun. 50, 44 magnum and 50, 44 special cowboy...the cowboy loads were super fun.

[Linked Image from live.staticflickr.com]

Fine gun.


You don’t know what in the everloving fugg you are talking about. But carry on.
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Re: Elk Hunting In Grizzly Country alwaysoutdoors 1 hour ago

Be honest. After your doctor said to cut out drinking you grabbed a sharpie and scissors?
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Re: 20 ga sabot reloads Dancing Bear 1 hour ago
https://www.ballisticproducts.com/ - These folks have the most info I know of on the subject.

https://bushcraftusa.com/forum/threads/12-ga-shotgun-slugs.334592/ - Bushcraft USA alsohas a broad ranging thread on the subject you may find interesting.
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Re: 5 Gun Package $1000 Pbking51 1 hour ago
Well no firm takers yet
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Re: Help finding a new deer rifle drano 25 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Blooze
If I can get 1” I’ll be happy. When I was bow hunting the last 10 years or so it was about how close I could get. 10 yards off the ground was my goal. No pop up blinds or anything, usually just backed up into a cedar tree or something. I did the wheelie bow shoot at 50 yard thing and it was very unsatisfying after a while. With my 8mm and it’s large groups I limited myself to 150 yards. Shot my last buck with it at about 75. My comfort zone would be about 200 yards at the moment, but I’d like a gun that’ll do 300 for hunting once I get the practice in and feel more confident, and farther for bench shooting. Like I said 300 is common, but I can limit myself and get closer by stalking if needed. I want the capability for accuracy at long distance should I work my way in that direction, I’m just a wuss at this point. After I sighted in the 8mm several years ago 4 months before season I shot about a box worth of different ammo. Took my shoulder a good 1-2 weeks to quit hurting and it was definitely joint pain. I’m not doing that again.

All the advice given seems sound. I doubt there is a better cartridge to meet your criteria than the 6.5 Creed. You just need to get your hands on some rifles and pick one. Tikka, Howa, Bergara, Winchester M70, Browning X-Bolt, Remington 700…odds are very high they will shoot up to well enough for you (not certain all are available threaded though?). Heck, I’ve even seen BSA show pics of Rugers that shoot well. 😀

This would be a heck of a place to start, in my opinion: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/943361877

Heavier than some, especially Tikka, which is likely good for reducing felt recoil, but…it’s heavier.
It is likely shorter than a Tikka, which is convenient.
Stainless is always a good thing, in my opinion. Cerakote, or any other coating, is NOT a substitute for stainless.
The HS Precision stock is stronger than the composite/plastic stocks from many manufacturers, including the cheaper Howa models.
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