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Re: Last nights Water Moccasin incident rickt300 9 seconds ago
Originally Posted by Longbob
Originally Posted by rickt300
I hit the sack after taking the usual set of pills and in 20 minutes or so I hear the dogs barking. So I get up, open the door and see three of them circled around something on the other side of their water bowl which is the bottom third of a plastic 55 gallon drum. The way they were dodging I knew exactly what it was. Put my slippers on and in my pajamas grab my snake stick and go out there.

4 foot long water snake that had gotten in the water "bowl" and was on his way gone when the dogs caught him. So I grab his tail and lift him off the ground, told the dogs NO and Get which they did. The wife opened the door for me and I carried it through the house to the porch and put it in a 17 gallon storage container with a lid to inspect in the morning.

Well morning comes and the snake is covered in dirt making ID a bit difficult. My stepson decides to poke it to see it strike and see what color the inside of it's mouth is. White, noted when it tried to bite Bill who is pretty quick in these situations. He is a bit culturally deprived. At any rate I wasn't going to let it go other than a few minutes wasted thinking about letting it loose at a house that has put up Beto for governor signs in the past. Nixed the idea because he has a beautiful German Shepard who might not be as snake astute as my Catahoulas.

So I got the grandson and we carried the tub out back, dumped the snake out and when it took off I shot it's head off with my favorite 12 gauge. Inspecting the head I found the fangs but I already knew it was a Water Moccasin. Oddly I felt sorry for the snake as it had only tried to bite us around 6 times. Would I have felt sorry if it had bitten the Biden voter?

A start.

Cool may try that sometime.
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Re: RFK Jr. running independent RiverRider 34 seconds ago
Nobody knows WTF is going on...but many insist on pretending they do.

That is all.
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Re: GETTYSBURG Hastings 1 minute ago
I'm beginning to think this will take two different trips. The second one would be after you digest the first one and figure out what you missed the first go round. The LBH was like that for me and this one is so much bigger and took so much longer.
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Re: Uh Oh,Weed Users Are Going To Be Pissed At This Report. Valsdad 1 minute ago
Originally Posted by RiverRider
There's a difference between a Libertarian and a libertarian, Geno.
One doesn't have to belong to the Party
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Re: Wiping Stix 3 minutes ago
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Re: Can-Am Outlander 700 ShortMag11 3 minutes ago
Tzone, Sending you a PM.
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Re: How were women Longbob 3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by JeffyD
In 1973 and '74, I worked on a farm.
There was one large, yellow Igloo water cooler with a block of ice inside and one tin cup.

Every worker - white, black, Puerto Rican and "Texican",
drank from the same cup. Nobody got sick or caught a disease from it.

Different times.

You used a cup? We would give the valve a quick squirt to get the dust out then lean under to get a drink.
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Re: WEF flags flying equal with Panamanian Flag at Former SOUTHCOM base Fort Clayton 45_100 3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by kwg020
Originally Posted by 45_100
Three things that substantially changed my concept of government was Nixon giving China most favored trade nation status and taking us off the gold standard, and Carter giving away the Panama Canal.
I would throw in LBJ's Great Society and War on Poverty as well.


Five things
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Re: Wobble EdM 4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by huntsman22
Brace your strong side elbow......

Bingo. I have used my PH's shoulder and, most recently, a backpack on a Kansas mule deer. A world of difference.
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Re: Velocity guess, please Ringman 4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by elkhunternm
IIRC, it's a 7mm RUM with a 90 grain Hammer Bullet.

Almost. It's 7-.338RUM, but I use 7RUM cases in order to us a .100" longer neck.

For those who think I shouldn't be loading because I didn't list the cartridge, it is irrelevant to the question.
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Re: Good quality fleece jacket? Heym06 5 minutes ago
I'm agreeing with Geno wool. Fleece is ok for around town! Camping, not with campfires. One big old tamarack ember hits, at the speed of light, and melts a hole in the coat. Observed this first hand. A nephew standing next to the fire, talking to his dad, an an ember about the size of a silver dollar, popped out and tagged the coat, heart shot. At least it self healed the edges 😎!!
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Re: One gorgeous 55 Chevy Robb10238 5 minutes ago
How I wish I could afford to have your dad do an interior for it Higginez!
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Re: I threw away $700 today Fireball2 5 minutes ago
Give me a fg'n break. Cash comes after me every single time I post anything. Last time he threatened me and told me to watch my back for the next year, that I'd never know how or when he was gunna hurt me. Any outrage over a member threatening another? Nope.

Screw you cash, you don't wanna play rough don't play. You can STFU any time and it all goes away. You chase me all over this site and wanna cry like a bitch when you get your feelings hurt? F off. All you have to do is keep your GD mouth shut and it quits today. BUT, you can't and won't. Then you cry cry cry and try to turn everyone against me for reacting to your constant trolling and stupidity.

Again, STFU and it all stops today. Quit following me around and trolling members on this site and it stops. Open your pie hole at every thread I post on then expect blowback. Do you get it, you stupid sunuvabitch, or are you going to keep on with the trolling and stupidity?
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Re: Few knives I've been working on... Dan308 7 minutes ago
Here's the next one I'm working on. So much better to the eye in person

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
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If your State Wildlife Dept.... rainshadow1 7 minutes ago
.... still manages based on Biology. ESPECIALLY if they manage for maintaining and growing numbers of ungulates... Some thought and ACTION might be a good idea, before your bigger cities grow to be majority voting blocks and supersede common sense!

With the banning of this that and the other thing on the left coast, (hounds, cougar hunting, etc.) and with the efforts to reintroduce large predators like wolves and brown bears (in order to remove human hunters from the equation) you guys in states where the game department is still on your side might consider taking action NOW to prevent this kind of thing....


I wish we had language in place for this kind of thing in WA here. The apartment dwellers and subdivision kingdoms have long since taken over wildlife management here in Washington. You guys who are still free and can buy hunting opportunity over the counter be forewarned.

Get language put into your legislation that gives management power to the biologists, rather than the voters!
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Re: Ham and Pineapple pizza Valsdad 8 minutes ago
The acid in the pineapple, combined with the salty goodness of ham, the mouth feel of the melted mozzarella, and the palate pleasing taste of the herbs and tomatoes combination all come together to increase the effect on the umami senses in your mouth.
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Re: WTB: Remington 700 Classic walnut long action take off stock 160user 9 minutes ago
I will look in the morning but I MAY have one. I know I have some magnums but I believe I might have a standard barrel contour also.
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Re: fire forming brass Feral_American 9 minutes ago
Have you reached recrystallization temp with your "torch"?

Seriously, you're WAY over thinking this. Anneal (properly), lightly jam lands with a beginning parameter powder charge, touch the trigger.

A vanilla '06 is THAT easy. Expert status NOT required.

No, really, even a dumbass can figure this out with that cartridge.
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Re: Moose Tag Soup Made Tolerably Tasty Ptarmigan 10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Whiptail
Originally Posted by Ptarmigan
Originally Posted by Whiptail
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

I really like that Alweld boat.

That boat has been great. Really punches above its weight class. It’s been loaded with salmon, caribou, and moose. It’s tough as hell, too! Been run into the river bank on more than one occasion! Haha!

You're using it like it was meant to be! Looks like yours has pontoons. Does it also have the tunnel jet? I've been window shopping them for more than few years but there aren't any dealers close to me.

It has a tunnel and pods. For my needs I’d never go without both! For a small boat it performs very well!
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Re: Last day in the pool? RiverRider 10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by MILES58
I have taken a bath in Lake Nipigon in the first week of June. You guys are a bunch of weak sisters. 36 degree water is about as cool as I want though.

Come on down here and hunt hogs with me when it's 101*F at eleven PM...but we'll head out when it's still 108*F so we don't spook stuff in the dark. We'll find out who the weak sister is.
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Tascam DR-07X, looking for feedback Verylargeboots 10 minutes ago
As the title says. Need feedback on realtime use of the Tascam DR-07X, or if someone has used something better.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Covid 19 mitigation strategy in Australia Raspy 10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by DBT
Originally Posted by Raspy
Originally Posted by DBT
Originally Posted by Raspy
Originally Posted by rickt300
Man his pussy hurts bad.

Absolutely correct...DBT is so confused, LOL!

Lame, Raspy, lame, lame, lame. At least try to grasp the simply fact that what I have pointed to is written in the bible, which I merely quote.

The issues are there, contradictions, absurdities, immorality, not because I say so, but because it is there for all to see and read. It is undeniable.

For instance;

''The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.'' - Psalm 145:9

''While the people of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. 33 And those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation. 34 They put him in custody, because it had not been made clear what should be done to him. 35 And the LORD said to Moses, The man shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp 36 And all the congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him to death with stones, as the LORD commanded Moses.'' Numbers 15:32-36:

So we have;

1. The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.
2. The man shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp.
3. God is good to all, we are told.
4. God was neither good or merciful toward a man gathering sticks on a Sabbath.

A contradiction; S and its denial not-S

God is good to all and his tender mercies are over all his works, yet God was not good nor merciful toward a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath, showing no mercy God had him brutally killed.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Lame? DBT is the lame one....

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Something is blocking your thought processes...cannot help you on that issue you have....for the 3rd time, again, and read slowly and carefully....When God says in the old testament to wipe everyone out (look up old testament vs new testament), you have to realize in the old testament, this is hyperbolic language, because in the next verse it says , "do not inter-marry with them"....HA! so if god just wiped everybody out, then how can one inter-marry with them? So DBT, can you see that back then that the language meant this had to be a decisive victory? It would be like saying today that in a USA football game that the Chiefs annihilate the Rams....so it is just a strong way of saying-they beat them badly.

The Old Covenant was without mercy. The New Covenant (which Christians follow) offers mercy and salvation through repentance. Jesus did not come to condemn the sinners but to bring the sinners to repentance and save them. Christ took our punishments on the cross and through his death and resurrection, we are saved, because Jesus paid it all!

Not the hyperbole excuse again. If all the bad stuff is hyperbole, then so is the story of Jesus, the crucifixion, resurrection, heaven, hell.....all hyperbole, the myth and magic storytelling of ancient people.

Are you happy now?

And I thought you had at least half ass brains...LOL!!! hyperbolic, 1 of 2, adjective (1), hy·​per·​bol·​ic ˌhī-pər-ˈbä-lik , variants or less commonly hyperbolical, ˌhī-pər-ˈbä-li-kəl , : of, relating to, or marked by language that exaggerates or overstates the truth.
That my friend is hyperbolic language.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
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Re: Have you ever seen a more pathetic waste of an outdoor site? alwaysoutdoors 11 minutes ago
Ballz is back. I bet he’ll get jumpy.
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Re: Cartridges that you wanted because what was written or said about them. 300_savage 12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by moosemike
Not many will probably be familiar with the name Jim Kjelgaard. He wrote fiction geared toward boys. His most famous work was Big Red. Anyway I was in love with his books as a kid and the main characters in his books almost always used 30-30 rifles. Even though I grew up in a 30-06 family his books are responsible for my lifelong love affair with the 30-30. And he wasn't even a gunwriter.
Did you read Firehunter by Kjelgaard? My favorite of his.
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Re: A study in Browning BPS receivers Yoder409 12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Pappy348
2 1/4 oz lead loads


Standard issue lead payload for a 3.5" 10 gauge.

Shot everything from clay birds to pigeons to turkeys to possums to coyotes with said shot charge.

I'd use #2's for pterodactyls.
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