This is one of the best of Clint Eastwood's directorial endeavors. The story of how the FBI and the media railroaded Richard Jewell who they accused of being the Atlanta Bomber in 1996. Certainly Jewell was a flake, but he was also a hero who saved people's lives. The FBI did not bother to investigate anyone else and concentrated on Jewell. They destroyed him along with a very willing and helpful media. They can destroy any one of us, too, just as easily if they choose. Innocence doesn't matter.

The movie is also indicative of how our certain people in present day FBI and media have conspired to destroy President Trump, in that their methods that were in effect then are apparently the same ... or worse, today.

The acting is really top rate, especially the actor who plays Richard Jewell.

Go see it when you have time.


"Always go straight forward, and if you meet the devil, cut him in two and go between the pieces." (William Sturgis, clipper ship captain, 1830s.)