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Try your state armslist man.
You ever look thru the sights on one.
Big issue with enclosed front sight hood cutting out alot of the sight picture.

That gun is basiclly a wasr 10 with a 90 degree gas block
Threaded barrel that needs a crush washer for a ml device
And a Rpk adjustable rear sight.

Good luck finding one at a decent price right now

Prices are crazy right now.

You hit the nail on the head!!!

Armslist in my area is bunk.
Front sight hood will be opened and reworked.
I like the 90 degree variants, especially the WASR10.
Going to use a thread protector only.
Rear sight will be replaced.
I plan on putting a T2 on it with a MI side mount.
I might be able to snag one off GB for under $700 with wood furniture but Holy cow, did the prices go crazy...

Prices have gone bonkers the last 2 or 3 weeks.

I hope a buncha scalpers wpn and ammo wise get stuck with their money all tied up in pipe dreams when this C19 panic goes away.

Nope C19 panic will carry right into election panic.