Recoil is a product of several variables. Rifle weight, bullet weight and powder charge are the primary ones.

In general the 444 Marlin recoil energy from 225 gr - 335 gr loadings range approximately from low to high 32 ft-lb - 40 ft-lbs. Again rifle weight being a major variable in felt recoil. The 444 Marlin at the low end would be a stoutly loaded 30-06 with 200 gr+ bullets, in the middle it would be a 35 Whelen with 250 gr load, upper end would feel like a 338 Win Mag loaded with 250 gr+ or similar to a 375 H&H with 270 gr load.

The 450 Marlin recoil will range with 300 gr - 450 gr loadings at approximately 36 ft-lbs - 49 ft-lbs of recoil energy. The upper end loadings would be greater than a 375 H&H with stout 300 grain loads, closer to a bottleneck 416 loaded with 350 gr loads at 2,500 fps or so.