So, in August, I’m moving to a house where there is a decent, but not too steep slope on parts of the yard. It’s on 5 acres, and I have about an acre of grass to mow.

The sellers are offering to sell me their Encore Fuzion 48” Deck Zero Turn Mower:

They say it is 3 years old and has 50-70 hours of use. I have seen it, and it looked to be in good condition.

They are offering to sell it for $1,900. They retail for $4,900 new. The cheapest ZT mower I can find, for example, at Home Depot is about $2,900.

My only concern is that, for example, all of the zero-turn mowers on the Home Depot website have between 22 and 24 HP. The one for sale has 18 HP.

Would you take the used one for $1,900 of buy something new?

Many thanks in advance for your advice.