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Scott F
Had an absolute blast today, thank you. Your generosity, depth of knowledge, and excellent company is genuinely appreciated. A guy can read as much as he likes, but nothing beats an in-person tutorial.
When the process got up on step, the mold hot and the boolits dropping clean and easy.. wow. Fish on!
Cigars on me next time, friend.

[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]good physical goals

Is that the Lee 310g 44 bullet? I've been casting those this week. I've been using my 2 cavity mold to get back up to speed on casting but I have the 6 cavity just waiting on some handles that fit. The handles I'd ordered with it were defective and too thick on one side to fit the mold. I've got checks in the way too but I don't know that I really need them.


Apologies for not responding sooner. Yes, those are the Lee 310 grain. What gun(s) are you shooting yours in?