[quote=DakotaDeer]I think if the pole was simply made the thicker size as it is at the bottom half, it would be fine. Mine bent right where the thick and thin halves come together. It is more than an inconvenience, as once the pole gets "shorter" the tent walls lose tension, and thus their ability to shed wind/rain.[unquote]

Contact me and I'll send you a new pole to play with. I think the problem is that, if you draw the lines too tight, you get some bowing in the center pole. Then if a wind develops it has no flex left to play with. I think of it like a shock absorber, able to flex some and keeping some of the pressure off of the stakes and fabric.

If you figure out the best places for side tieouts send me some pictures. I will incorporate those into the next generation...

and "Appy Trails, to you..."