Can I share a story only ice fishermen will appreciate please? Good. Grab a chair...

About 13 years ago my dad gave me a Leatherman. This Leatherman has been everywhere with me and has the scars and pitting to prove it. I don't know how many checked bags it's ridden in, how many duties it has performed, how many jams it has saved me from, countless amounts of times.

So yesterday, while ice fishing, I was using said Leatherman as I always do for it's blades and pliers. I set it in my lap and continued fishing and baiting hooks and unhooking fish just like a good, slightly abusive, mildly alcoholic, father is supposed to do. My little female was having a hard time with the zipper on the door (I'm not fancy like Dave, I have a portable) so I, being the good father, stood to assist her.

You know what happened next don't you? That's right... "KERPLOONK!" There in my sonar I viewed one of my most cherished inanimate objects plummet 50' to the bottom of the icy lake.

Not to be a glass is half empty type of guy, I finished up the day and took everyone out to lunch when we got back to town.

But after lunch, I went to Big R. And I bought the biggest [bleep] magnet I could find. I got home and went to the shop, there I found an entire spool of paracord that I undoubtedly stole at some point in time.

Gentlemen, I returned to that lake with a woman, (in case I got bored or frustrated) a 12 pack of beer (in case I got bored or frustrated) and my auger. I carefully marked the exact location the Leatherman was last seen before departing the lake so I knew exactly where to begin.

I drilled 6 holes and went to work....