My house currently looks like a rescue center. I have a 7 year old mut, a 2 year old lab, a 1 year old bulldog and a 9 year old boxer.

My mut I got back in college and is, far and away one of the best dogs a man could ask for. He is smart, protective, playful etc. He does great out in the woods, explores on his own but knows when to check up and check in, doesnt chase rabbits etc.

My fiance, 6 year old little girl and him went to the dog park last week. While they were letting the dogs off of the leashes in a small, fenced in enclosure, a pitbull ran up to the fence barking and looking nasty. Without a hesitation, he stepped between my girls and the dog and squared off with the pit bull. The pit backed down, they went inside and fun was had by all.

The other dog is my yellow lab Charlie, he is a great dog and I have never seen a dog love his master as much as this one does!
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