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Doug from Camera Land's Day 2 SHOT Show Report

To say that today was insanely busy would be beyond an understatement. I need to maybe bring a skateboard with me next year if I plan another day like today. Talk about logging miles, whew.

I started my day over at GPO. Last year they introduced their 8x32 and 10x32 Rangeguide Binoculars and I was excited to see what they were introducing now.
If you read our Pre-SHOT Show news you already know about their new GPO Spectra™ Reflex Dot: The Next Generation of a Reflex is Here, however, they did not disappoint with new products:

GPO 15-45x60 Tactical Spotting Scope with FFP Reticle. They obviously have been listening what folks have been asking and asking for.

GPOTAC 6x 4.5-27x50i FFP - LR PRO - has entered the high magnification first focal plane scope market with its new premium tactical riflescope, the GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i FFP. Designed for professional use, as well as shooters and hunters who demand the very best in long distance and tactical shooting, the 4.5-27x50i FFP mates superior materials and meticulous manufacturing processes and tolerances to produce a riflescope on par with the best out there today.

Spectra 6x 4.5-27x501 MOA Riflescope
30mm main tube
iControl illumination with low battery low indicator
GPObright lens coating technology
DoubleHD objective lens technology
PASSIONtrac zero-stop locking turrets
1/4″ at 100 yards turret-adjustment
MOAi illuminated reticle with microdot technology
Removable magnification throw lever

I went from GPO to Hawke. Glad to see my friends here and catch up. Again, assuming you already have seen our SHOT Show News page then you're aware of their new Frontier LRF 8x42 & 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars & Vantage IR 1-4x20 - Turkey Dot Riflescope

Hawke has been quite busy and we are excited to be an active Hawke dealer.
Here is a list of everything coming in 2023
Vantage 30 WA IR 1–4x24 Fiber Dot 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 1–8x24 Fiber Dot1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 2.5–10x50 Fiber Dot 1/4 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 3–12x56 -Fiber Dot 1/4 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 1–8x24 L4A Dot 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 1–8x24 Circle Dot 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 1–8x24 5.56 Tactical 8x 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage 30 WA IR 3–9x42 L4A Dot 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Vantage IR 1–4x20 Turkey Dot IR 1/4 MOA Low-Profile (50yd PX, 4"ER)
XB30 2–7x32 SR 1/2 MOA Low-Profile
Prism Sight 1x15
Prism Sight 4x24
Prism Sight 6x36
Frontier LRF 8x42 & 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars
Vantage 8x32 Green Fully Multi-Coated
Vantage 10x32 Green Fully Multi-Coated
Vantage 10x50 Green Fully Multi-Coated
Vantage 12x50 Green Fully Multi-Coated
Nature-Trek Compact 13–39x56 Straight w/ window mount

I was very impressed with their Vantage IR 1-4x20 - Turkey Dot - Red / Green Illuminated reticle with 5 brightness settings, over 4" of ER and a true 1 power. Both eyes open perfect 1x. For $219.99 grab this for your short range scope or for kids as the eye relief is amazing.

Their Vantage 1-8x24 WA's are also true 1x scopes also Red/Green and at $399.99 certainly worth checking out.

I was excited to see the new Frontier LRF 8x42 & 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars Optics looked nice at the edges, no blue cast to the vision (Can't really do an optics evaluation inside a convention center) and 6 controllable brightness settings on the LED readout. Its range finding capabilities include: Distance, Rain, Hunt, Near, Horizontal Distance and Angle modes. The display brightness can be manually adjusted between 6 levels of brightness. The LRF requires a 3V CR2 battery and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of no operation to save power.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a rep I once worked with over at Steiner. He is now with Pard Nightvision. Out of a combination of curiosity of what he's been up to the last few years and what Pard was all about I made an appointment to meet up with him. After catching up he started showing me why I wanted to carry Pard as spec wise it is impressive, however, I stopped him after the response to my question "Is Pard a USA company". It is a Chinese company. We understand that many of the brands we carry source product from China. That's fine as it's a world market place, however, the profits from those companies stay here in the USA. Pard is a Chinese company so all $$$$ stay in China. I'm sure it's a great product from what he was saying, however, we prefer not to support a Chinese owned brand.

Coincidentally, my next meeting was with Steiner. As you know they recently released their T6Xi Riflescopes which very quickly have become quite popular and well received.

Steiner T6Xi Riflescopes
Steiner, a leader in high-performance optics for military and law enforcement as well as the professional marksman, announces an all-new series of riflescopes covering the full spectrum of tactical shooting needs. From CQB engagement, overwatch, or long-distance target operations, the Steiner riflescope T6Xi series combines advanced German engineering with made-in-America precision manufacturing to deliver premium, rugged optics that are ready to fulfill any mission, anywhere.

T6Xi 5-30x56 for long-range and precision shooting

T6Xi 3-18x56 and T6Xi 2.5-15x50 for near- to extended-range performance

T6Xi 1-6x24 for close-quarter to mid-range engagements

The T6Xi series builds on Steiner's legendary T5Xi optics developed for advanced tactical and competitive shooting, and incorporates the latest in Steiner glass and lens coating technology for brighter and clearer views in all light and field conditions. Upgraded locking windage and elevation turrets ensure maximum confidence while in the field.

Continuing along the theme of high end optics I went off to my meeting with Nightforce. We chatted a bit and caught up. No new product at this point, however, back ordered product is fewer, turn around times are shorter throughout the line and production delays have shortened. All great news as far as I'm concerned.

Staying with top end optics my next stop was a meeting with Tangent Theta. Talk about professionals. The crew are Tangent are just all such nice, knowledgeable and friendly folks it's just a pleasure to meet with them. I was shown the new 7-35x56....
An inch shorter than their TT525P
Similar weight
Same windage and elevation as the TT525P
36mm main tube
Parallax 10m - infinity
First run will be black only
Initial reticle offering is the Gen 3XR Fine, with more to follow. If you want the Rolls Royce of scopes you just found what you're looking for.

I also checked out their SAI Optics™ model SAI 6™ - The SAI™ 6 series of optical sights provide a rugged and versatile solution for a variety of sighting requirements in variable magnification. With an LED-illuminated First Focal Plane reticle, ranging and ballistic hold-off is accurately achieved at any magnification. The proprietary Rapid Aiming Feature™ reticle and superior field of view enhance close-quarter effectiveness. The ruggedized tubular design allows for a variety of modular mounting solutions.

The SAI™ 6 series is designed to accommodate advanced optical sighting system enhancements such as flip covers, Anti-Reflection Devices, laser filters, and polarizers. SAI™6 series sights are designed for brilliant optical performance in rugged environments.

We have been a Bushnell dealer for decades. As they go through different hierarchy changes they treat us either as a Camera dealer, in which case we are not permitted to order Tactical product, and sometimes we are treated, as we should be, as a Sport Optics retailer, and we have provided you with some amazing opportunities on their Tactical scopes. In 2019 & 2020 we did big business with Bushnell and then new folks came in and we were reverted to Camera dealer status and no longer able to purchase their Tactical scopes (a shame as we went through over 3,000 of their scopes the prior year). We had, what I thought was a good meeting last year at SHOT but nothing came of it. We met again today. I think the meeting went well and hopefully we will soon be back handling their premium riflescopes. Stay tuned and we will let you know when we know.

A short walk brought me over to Leupold. I look forward to my meeting with Leupold as my rep is a great guy and the Nat'l is as well. Leupold has been an industry main stay for decades and usually introduces something very worth sharing here at SHOT.
They showed me their new BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42 Rangefinder Binocular - Should be available in 6-8 weeks. Optics look great (again based on being inside a convention center). The BX-4 Range HD TBR®/W 10x42mm fuses Leupold's DNA® engine and ballistics software with the optical performance diehard hunters and shooters demand. Now you can spot and range targets without wasting valuable seconds switching between gear. Its high-contrast red OLED display delivers visible readouts in any light, and its edge-to-edge clarity makes glassing sessions easy on the eyes. The next time you’re packing for a match or hunt, cut the excess. Take the BX-4 Range HD TBR/W.

Next I was shown their new Mark 5 HD 2-10x30 Riflescope. - "Pick up a Mark 5HD™ and you’ll feel the difference; it’s up to 20 ounces lighter than other scopes in its class. Get behind one and you’ll see the difference, from the superior edge to-edge clarity and extreme low-light performance to the versatility of the PR2™ reticle. With three revolutions of elevation adjustment, the Mark 5HD was built to max out the performance of the latest long range rifles and ammunition. It’s ergonomically designed with more tactile, audible click adjustments, larger numbers, and a high-speed throw lever, so you can put accurate rounds downrange faster. And like all Leupold riflescopes, it’s designed, machined, and assembled in the USA and guaranteed for life."
No fisheye effect, no distortion, PA, so compact. Great scope for sure IMO. Looks like the successful Mark 5 HD line of scopes has given birth to a great addition....
Mark 5HD 2-10x30 (35mm) M5C3 FFP TMR
Mark 5HD 2-10x30 (35mm) M5C3 FFP Illum. TMR
Mark 5HD 2-10x30 (35mm) M1C3 FFP PR-1MOA

There are more reticle options coming mid-year for this scope. These new three SKUs now are just the first round. Very exciting.

My last stop of the day is with another long standing industry brand, Zeiss. A few months back we got a new sales rep and I was looking forward to meeting him. He's been attentive to our account, great on the phone and e-mails but it's always nice to put a face with the assistance. Turns out, great guy.
Checked out their new SFL 30 Ultra-Compact Binoculars - the newest, lightest, and most compact binoculars to the ZEISS SF family. The ZEISS SFL (SmartFocus and Lightweight) is certainly impressive. Then I checked out the New Generation of V8 Riflescopes - They feature a 30/34mm main tube, exceptional optical performance, an extra-large eye box, and a daylight visible illuminated dot reticle.

Zeiss is doing everything right and I think these new products are excellent additions to their line up of superior products.

Remember all week we are running a SHOT Show Week Sale so if it's not marked down already call, 516-217-1000, and we will hook you up.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs.

I switched it up a bit today and went to Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream and got a waffle cone of Dark Chocolate Chunk and Coffee ice cream. Damn that hit the spot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. More tomorrow, Day 3. Have a great day & please follow us on Instagram at gr8fuldoug_ smile

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