Time onece again for a housecleaning of barrels & scopes that are more or less duplicates of stuff i already have. Its either that, or buy another safe, and the wife may not find the humor in that.

not looking for trades, way too many toys in the toybox already. Payment by postal money order. i ship via UPS, so need a street address to send to, not a PO box. i always insure everything.

all scopes are optically & mechanically perfect, no scratches on lens surfaces. all barrels have mirror bores & no rust or pits.

drop me a line with any questions, fyrepowrx AT yahoo DOT com.



1) SSK 14" Contender barrel in SSK Khrome in .250 Savage. 1-10 twist. Barrel only...frame, scope & mounts, grips, etc NOT for sale. a word of caution...please do not buy this with the intent of hotrodding it to 50K psi +P levels or you will ruin your frame. in a contender, the 250savage will perform about like the .257jdj but with the added benefit of low cost dies and factory brass available. Factory ammo is loaded to moderate levels and are safe. (i shot Winchester 100 grain silvertips in this one once to see how they shot, did fine, though most of my guns never see any factory ammo.) Since i also shoot a .25bullberry & a .25x30-30Ackley Improved, kind of hard to justify keeping it. $325
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2) SSK Contender barrel in SSK Khrome finish, .30x39. This is the 7.62x39 with .308 bore. Pretty much duplicates the .30herrett but without case forming chores. barrel is 12", excellent condition. Barrel only for sale...frame, gripset, scope & mounts, etc not for sale. Had 2 of these, and i use the long barrel more, so this one is for sale. $275
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3) TC Custom shop Contender Barrel, 14" stainless hunter with muzzle brake, caliber .445 Supermag. I killed a few hogs with this one & it likes Hornady 265's & the Speer gold dot 270grain. Barrel only for sale...scope/mountns/frame/grips not for sale. Check the Sierra manual for load data...with 300's, the .445 had about as much horsepower as the 45/70 in contender-safe loads. $225
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4)TC 2X LER pistol scope, silver. will get pix uploaded later. great shape. $85

5) TC Contender factory 14" .35rem stainless hunter barrel. barrel was drilled & tapped for 2 additional screws & a 6 hole weaver base was mounted. barrel really likes remmy 150 factory loads. $175

6)Bushnell Trophy 2X LER pistol scope. matte finish, great shape. $85

7) Bushnell Trophy 2x LER pistol scope, this one silver, great shape. $85

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