Somehow, the notion has sprouted and spread that American Hunting Rifles (AHR) is either my company or my employer. It is neither. AHR sells rifles, ammo, etc, for SOME of my cartridges, but that's the only connection between that company and my name. I get nothing from the company -- no commission, no salary, no freebie, no hunting trip. I suggested the company name, wrote the first material for AHR several years ago, and went along with the owner to lend a hand (without compensation) with his intro publicity at one SHOT Show and a local gun show. I've gotten two AHR rifles, dies, and cases for my .220 Howell -- but not free and not in return for my efforts in AHR's behalf. When we've met over hamburgers, Mr Plummer has picked-up the tab. I don't hear from Mr Plummer, as he needs nothing further from me now. And no, there's no rift or animosity between us, either -- just TOTAL and complete independence.

"Good enough" isn't.

Always take your responsibilities seriously but never yourself.