I've always sort of figured that the replicas of the S&W Breaktop, no. 3, or Schofield really should be offered only in the original cylinder length. The longer cylinder just doesn't look right. Not only that but it gives the 44 Russian a reason for living, and that must count for something.
It really is a loss that USFA went crazy and committed suicide. With the popularity of the 1873, I imagine their 44 WCF guns would be quite popular. These guns are pretty hard to find, and even harder to find at anything approaching a decent price, but they are dimensionally correct. I've noticed that some folks seem to have forgotten that the early USFAs were just cleaned up imports, inferior to the later examples.
I once had the joy to get my mitts around a 3rd gen SAA. Darn thing could really shoot, both cast and jacketed. I never did Mike the chambers, but they were excellent for creating an accurate gun. I'm not even certain if Colt even offers the 44 WCF any longer, and today the price of used guns is guaranteed to remove this option for most.
Who knows, maybe Ruger will try to offer 44 WCF cylinders again, but this time do it right. They have a mid size frame that would do well with it. Might be worth submitting a request.