you're such a clown pretending to be an expert on an area of the world you have zero education or first hand knowledge, Stick to rural backward Arizona and MCCain lol

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and it was French company before it was a Canadian company. and the "mines" in the US were a tiny part of the deal and insignificant part of the uranium. that changed hands in the deal. mostly in Kyrgyzstan.

what ever in the hell the Canadian guy paid the Clintons for, it wasn't the schitty amount of Uranium in Wyoming in that deal.

that mine is been shutdown for a while....

I'm still trying to get JaguarTX to buy it back from the Russians, but apparently he lacks the patriotism, or the dinero.

Maybe you could help him out.

Or get off your ass and look up the post and find out what I really said, not what you think you remember.

Or continue to be a liar, because you are too lazy to check.

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