I've used Danners in the mountains before, and didn't care for the lack of support in the particular model I had. I also use my hunting boots while backpacking, and those Danners were good boots, but not backpacking boots. I don't know the model I used, and I looked at their website and they don't make it any more. It was not like a backpacking boot, more like an upland boot.

I have Lowa Rangers right now, but they were pricey. They are also very stiff, so good in the support dept, but not very cushy. However, I have yet to have a boot that resulted in happy feet after hiking 10 or 15 miles.

I've heard good reports about Hanwag and Meindl also.

For cold weather, Schnee's pack boots are the best I have used.

I'm also active duty and wear a pair of Danners every day. For that use the Danners have been great.