First the instructions, then some explanation.



It is a Forum in the Miscellaneous section.

You should see something like this:

[Linked Image]


Click on New Image Gallery

[Linked Image]


Add a Title and a Description in each field.Now click on Image Manager.

[Linked Image]


Now Click on Select File To Attach. While you're at it, you can add a caption to the image by typing text in the File Caption box.

[Linked Image]


Navigate to the image on your computer. Select it. Press Open

[Linked Image]


Keep adding images (up to 15), then Click Done. Then Click Post New Thread

[Linked Image]

Now you will have an IMAGE GALLERY!


The Photobucket changes coincide with security changes that, frankly, are unavoidable in today's www. Basically, one of the prime motivators for the latest forum software upgrade was the need to go to serving all content over SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which you will recognize by addresses starting with https rather than http. It's all about security.

All content coming from 24hourcampfire servers is now https compliant. BUT, third party hosted images are still a crapshoot. So, we can have an entire page of secure content coming from 24hourcampfire, and one 125x125 avatar hosted on a non-secure third-party server (most egregiously PhotoBucket), and the page is not secure. We can't do that.

We need to move to fully secure pages 100% of the time, and that required me to purchase a whole lot more hard drive memory, SSD (Solid State Drive) of course for speed.

We are going to need to migrate to uploading images to these SSDs so the entire website is 100% secure, always. I can only control 24hourcampfire servers. What happens on third-party servers is beyond my control.

Holler with questions.

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