I decided to try one for myself, instead of asking for opinions. Took me less than 5 minutes to change it. Now I will readily admit, it feels "different", but I've been pretty much Glock loyal for 20 years, with very few variations along the way.

With the stock trigger, it's always felt foreign to me, to try and use the pad of my finger to pull it. With this trigger it feels fine. I've been dry firing at the TV for about 30 minutes and even drawing and firing, I see less movement. So the flat face does make it easier to not "pull" off.

I want to note there is no binding or anything rubbing the trigger guard as I had been told would happen. I'm inclined to believe what the company told me. People should have contacted the company, instead of modifying the trigger and complaining about it on the forums.

After putting 100 rounds through it, I absolutely love this trigger now. Worth every last penny!