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Natural selection based on environment.

Caucasians and North East Asians spent at least a couple of thousand years in a seasonally cold frozen wintery environment with no predators that would routinely kill and eat people. They evolved to act more slowly and to plan and think things through to survive winters.

Africa being a subtropical environment and full of predators that will kill a person armed with only a spear but with readily available food sources that could be followed across the grasslands favored genes that needed to be less on thinking, planning, and IMPULSE CONTROL but being the fastest and first in your hunting party or tribe to run buck wild when predators rushed out meant survival for that individual while the other guy in the tribe got ran down and ate.

It’s reflected in modern society. I want black dudes for a sprint contest and Asians or Caucasians for critical thinking skills and thinking ahead balancing credit and bills.

Didn't someone named "Jimmy" say something like this back about '88?